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Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diets Make Me Watch Everything That I Eat

One thing that really bothers many individuals attempting to lose fat is the fact that when they diet, they must suddenly watch everything they eat.  

All their Food Freedom is simply washed down the Diet Drain. No fun at all - and isn't life suppose to be fun?

Oddly enough, weight is based on a level of consistency - whether we are thin or overweight.

If we consistently overeat, we'll remain consistently fat. If we consistently take care to consume only the amount of energy that our body uses, we'll remain at our recommended size.

Perhaps we'd have a more positive frame of mine if we use the following tip.

Rather than thinking, " If I am on a diet, then I have to stick with the plan to lose weight," THINK THIS, " Even when I am not on a diet, then I have to stick with my current eating pattern to stay overweight."

How the Food Cycle Works

During the Fat Reduction Phase:

circle03_skyblue.gif We become aware that we must reduce calories and fat in order to drop pounds. Rather than searching for something to eat as we normally would throughout the day, we suddenly try to think about NOT eating throughout the day.  

When we do search for foods, we look for those that are very healthy, very low in fat and very low in calories - with 'good taste' a bonus when it happens.

We must be VERY PICKY during this phase to ensure that we are getting the foods that will assist us in dropping those extra pounds.

During Non-Dieting Phase:

circle03_skyblue.gif We may have just finished lunch, then shortly thereafter we get the munchies and begin searching for something tasty to eat. Click here to find out how you can know when you are really hungry.

When we search for foods, we look for those that are very tasty, very comforting, very cozy and very delicious.

If our choice doesn't taste good, then we'll move on to find something that does. We are VERY PICKY during this phase to ensure that we are getting the foods that we enjoy.

Recognizing the Difference - Hunters vs Gatherers

During our weight loss phase, we are the hunters - continually watchful for foods that we can harvest into our fat reduction plans that are healthier because they are lower in fat and calories.

Amid those times when we aren't watching our waistline, we are the gatherers - continually gathering foods that we enjoy munching on because they simply taste divine.

Both Hunters and Gatherers can reap healthy benefits by searching for foods that are closest to their natural states.  

Fresh veggies, fruits - and meats that are prepared without added oil, flour, cornmeal and eggs make a good find for all.

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