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Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Trimming the Fat

Oh those unwanted, unhealthy layers of fat that just won't go away. Once they are invited into one's life - and onto the body, they are like pesky guests who won't leave; they intend to stay put, no matter what.

If only it didn't take less time to gain than it does to lose, wouldn't that be boss? And what if it was more fun to lose OR as much fun to lose as it was to gain?

Losing Pounds Requires Great Patience

Unfortunately, it does require time to get rid of unwanted fat and it isn't nearly as fun losing as it was gaining.

I remember when I pulled off my semi-truck load going on two decades ago. Along this line of thought, if you are considering going on a diet - you will know that you are going to succeed when you set out on your journey. That is what made my last diet, exactly that.

On all of the others that I had tried over the years, I looked at losing weight as a temporary thing. I just wanted the fat off so that I could continue on down life's pathway, along my merry way.

Exercising Patience Results in Healthy Rewards

But when I finally decided that I didn't want to deal with weighty issues any longer, and I was prepared to watch and monitor what I ate from the first day of my last diet going forward, I knew that I would achieve success.

So that's the first thing that you need in your toolbox before even contemplating a plan. If you aren't willing to change going forward, then you are at high risk to lose either some or all of the fat - only to find that you are regaining what was lost and then some.

Hard Fact: You can no longer eat or drink like you did when you were overweight once the weight is off because you will quickly regain what was lost.

If you have thoughts of weight loss and actually act on those thoughts, you will be doing a rare thing! Sad but so, most of us keep putting off the things that we don't like to do until a later date, which for many includes 'weight loss'.

Our body is no different than a door that needs to be repaired. The longer the door sits in neglect, the rustier it grows. And the longer that our body remains in neglect, the bigger it grows and the rustier and rustier it gets.

Please don't delay with your Weight Loss Dreams, because delaying can lead to even more weight gain and has the potential to turn your Weight Loss Dreams into a Living Nightmare.

The sooner that the door is repaired, the easier it is to repair. And the sooner that weight loss begins, the easier that weight loss is accomplished.

Indeed, Time has a way of adding pounds to our frame if we don't take charge. Many people who are overweight would be perfectly content to continue their eating habits if they could just stay at the same weight. But generally, most individuals who become overweight aren't able to remain at a set 'overweight weight'. They continue to add pounds on as time goes by.

You don't want this to happen do you? Of course not! Will weight loss be easy? NO! Losing weight is hard stuff - not for cry babies. Only the strongest of the strong succeed when losing weight, and in keeping it off. You must be tough, you must be strong and yes - success will be yours! It IS there....waiting ON YOU to make that first move.

Do the rare thing! Set your weight loss goal now and move forward to get off the weight once and for all! Make this your absolute LAST diet!

When one feels better, they are more inclined to climb to that pinnacle of motivation. And YES you can climb to that highest peak of Weight Loss Motivation! You CAN lose weight! You CAN lose weight and maintain your new, healthy weight! Do it for you!

Always get your doctor's approval and recommendation before beginning any weight loss plan.

Health Articles to Assist With Ridding Fat

You will find the following articles in this section of Diet Bites and they can assist in peeling off those pounds forever. Most involve common situation faced by the dieting individual as well as information that can assist in keeping you focused as well as motivated to succeed.

All of the articles contain wonderful advice and can assist with losing - no matter which mode or plan that you are using.

So please, get busy working on a healthier body. You'll be so glad that you did because you'll fell so good, so much lighter and when one possesses self-esteem, the entire world looks brighter.

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