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Weight Gain Side Effects

Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Body Alters Appearance After Weight Gain & Fat Loss

One thing that you can certainly look forward to after dropping those layers of unwanted fat is an improved appearance. Let's take a look at Jim's experience...

Jim went on a diet in hopes of losing 75 unwanted pounds. Eight months later, he reached his fitness goals.

He was thinner, toned, had more muscle mass and his appearance was totally different than how he appeared mere months prior.

Many of his friends and family members commented, " I just can't believe that you lost all that weight! It's amazing....a miracle....and magical."

That Old Diet Magic OR Hard Work?

Yes indeed, the body does undergo a shrinking process as the fat melts off and the more that is lost, the greater the transformation.

In the beginning, if one has quite a lot of weight to lose, the transformation may appear quite gradual. But as the body continues to shrink, the changes become more and more noticeable.

I remember when I lost over 100 pounds going on two decades ago.

My mother was simply amazed; she called me the Incredible Shrinking Woman. And because I am very short at only five feet and zero inches in height, it was like losing an entire person.

As for as the shrinking transformations -  there is nothing magical about weight loss.

There is no magic potion, pill, supplement or tool that can easily rid the body of unwanted fat without undergoing invasive surgery. It simply requires a lot of hard work, focus and dedication to stick with the plan until the fitness goals have been reached.

Side Effects of Weight Gain List

Does dieting ever end? Here's the kicker; no - it truly never ends. Once those pounds are erased from the body it is left with battle scars - which may include any or all of the following:

stretch marks

saggy skin that was once held in place by fat

dimpling in the skin

And if the plan was brutal and the individual cared more about losing than they did about fulfilling the body's dietary nutritional needs, then they may also be left with the following battle scars:

loss of hair

luster of hair

brittle bones, including damage to teeth

skin may appear unhealthy

heart and other vital organ damage

These are all reminders of our past and what weight gain does to the human body. Some can be dealt with via surgery, including non-evasive laser and most all dealing with the skin can be concealed with clothing.

If the hair is involved, it may take years for it to recover.

If damage is to the skeletal system or vital organs, it will more likely be permanent so this is just one reason why it's so important to lose pounds safely.

Setting a Healthy Pattern Supports Recommended Weight

Unlike most habits, the previous overweight individual is continually flamed by the fires of food and drink.

Therefore, anyone who achieves their fitness goals should be highly commended. Of course, it will be a daily battle going forward and striving in maintaining what has been achieved but I'm here as living proof that it can be accomplished and be made a permanent part of your life.

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