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Soda And Weight Loss

Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Can Soda Be Part of a Healthy Weight Loss Plan?

Should you indulge in soft drinks while fighting the Battle of the Bulge?  

No? Why not? Because if you dink soft drinks your teeth will rot and look like Hillbilly Dan's? Because soft drinks contain a plethora of sugary goodness?

Because most contain the caffeine jitters? Because drinking soft drinks will blow up your diet plan?

Why We Say Yes to Soda While Dieting

Although it's not wise to go nutsy coo-coo with sugary soft drinks - dieting or not, enjoying a soda can render pleasure and those containing caffeine may even help break-up that afternoon lull.  

Enjoying Foods & Drinks We Like Supports Our Diet Plan

Cutting the things that we enjoy completely from our diet plan is setting up failure making you want to forget all about that boring diet.

Once we reach our Final Weight Loss Goals, we'll still need to face those favorite foods. By exercising control during the times we are dieting, that positive behavior flows into Post-Diet Time, thereby assisting us with Weight Maintenance.

Here are a few things to keep in mind so that Soft Drink Time remains a pleasurable time:

Calorie Concerns

circle03_skyblue.gif A 12-ounce can of regular soda contains about 140 calories, so you'll want to limit this treat.

Sugar, Weight Gain, Dental Health & Hyperactivity Concerns

circle03_skyblue.gif Sugar has gotten a bad rap over the years as it is associated with weight gain, cavities, and hyperactivity.

mushroom_blue.gif Many studies indicate that it's not the sugar that triggers hyperactivity, rather the events transpiring when sugary concoctions are the star of the celebration.

mushroom_blue.gif Cavities can be kept in check by dedicated brushing. Brush when possible after eating or drinking.

mushroom_blue.gif   Although sugar is very high in calories (about 800 calories per cup) weight gain isn't Sugar's fault.   If we consume too much of any foods or drinks with calories, the body will respond by adding on pounds.   Even if those excess calories derives from a carrot it will be stored in the fat cells for future energy use.

mushroom_blue.gif Moderation is the Healthy Key when it comes to foods and beverage consumption.  

Soda With Sugar Substitutes & Your Diet Plan

circle03_skyblue.gif Although sugar substitutes hold about 4 to over 300 times the sweetening power of sugar, beverage companies aren't idiots and they adjust the sweetness accordingly.   Artificial Sweeteners & Sweet Diet Options for Sugar

circle03_skyblue.gif Opt for diet drinks when possible as they contain about zero calories.

circle03_skyblue.gif Add flavorful extracts to diet drinks to up the taste to the next level.

circle03_skyblue.gif According to a study, a  bit of sweet news for Nutrasweet which was determined to be safe for consumption after over two decades of debate.

The safe limit tested in the studies was 80 packets per day. And that's a lot of Nutrasweet!

Resisting Diet Temptation - Including Sodas That Pack Sweet Calories

Really tired of being overweight and you'd like to do something to correct that?  

Do you really, really, really want to win the Weight Loss Battle?

If so, you'll not only need a smart diet plan, but you'll need to sharpen your Willpower and re-train yourself to adapt to a healthy diet pattern.  

This means that you won't be able to have everything that you'd like to enjoy throughout the day - or perhaps we should say, you won't be able to enjoy as much as you want to throughout the day.

Cutting back on the amount of food that you eat is absolutely - without a doubt, the BEST way to drop those unwanted pounds.

So say, 'NO' to that cookie and in turn, you'll be saying 'NO' to that heart attack or that stroke secretly shadowing you.

That thinner, healthier you will be well worth any sacrifice of food. You'll feel better, look better, have a higher opinion of yourself, and gain confidence though your weight loss.  

If you are overweight, don't weight any longer to began a healthier, stronger, happier you.


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