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Article by Diet Bites

Too Large for Amusement Park Rides

Ah Ė I remember so well when my weight was at its all time high and I decided to visit an amusement park. One with lots of rides that went up and down, much like my weight always seemed to do.

The kid that worked to load the guests crammed me into the front seat of a popular fast ride; he looked rather ill as it vanished from sight.

His face was the last thing that I saw before the ride took off on its speedy adventure.

Do you know what happens to a speeding object when itís loaded down with weight in the front? It goes rather fast, sometimes flying past its final destination Ė which is exactly what this ride did.

And as the ride vanished into the Wild Blue Yonder, that kid was probably thinking, ďI just put a tab too much bacon in that little seat. Oh well.Ē

Needless to say, it was difficult trying to fit into the seat of that wild ride. It was a point when weight gain had taken control of my life Ė my entire life.

Weight Loss Related to Gender

Men tend to lose weight quicker than women; it's all that impressive muscle mass. So if you're female, remain patient with your plan - particularly if you're dieting with your spouse.

Work towards beefing up your own muscles by exercise, which will also work towards toning.

Tips, What to Expect While Dieting

Choosing a Reasonable, Doable Fat Reduction Plan

When choosing a plan, keep weight loss expectations real.

A 2-pound per week weight loss is fantastic. It might not seem like much, but thatís over 100 pounds in a year.

Adding Natural Foods to Your Diet Equals Natural Weight Loss

Incorporate foods into your day that are closest to their natural state as they contain less fat and calories than processed, refined foods.

Be sure to enjoy two healthy snacks each day; we like to recommend adding a food that may be lacking in your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

For example, if you find that you aren't getting enough dairy selections, then enjoy a reduced fat serving of any of the following foods: yogurt, cheese, milk, or cottage cheese.

If you aren't getting ample vegetable servings then consider opting for the following at snack time: celery sticks with a smear of peanut butter, carrot sticks and a serving of light salad dressing or slices of cucumber mixed with cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar.

Enlisting Help While Dieting, Great Sources

Enlist the help of family and friends when possible; there is certainly strength in numbers.

Activity to Increase Weight Loss Benefits, Rate of Fat Loss

Find an activity that you enjoy doing. If you donít like the activity, odds are, you arenít going to stick with it.

Relaxation is equally important as exercise. Be sure to allow time in your busy day for YOU. Whether itís reading a book, knitting, or watching television, itís important to unwind.

Staying Healthy With Vitamins

Take a daily multi-vitamin to ensure youíre getting all you need. We're not big when it comes to commercially sold vitamins but if you're restricting calories in your day, you may not be getting all of the essential nutrients which your body requires.

In Summary

Try not to think of your journey as 'losing' rather 'gaining' as that's exactly what is happening amid your quest. You're gaining a higher level of health and well-being, a stronger body and one that is apt to survive a few more years longer than the one you're discarding.

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