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How to Raise Metabolism

Article by Diet Bites

What is a Healthy, Efficient Metabolic Rate?

A healthy metabolism equals a quicker rate of weight loss so therefore it is quite desirable for those battling to lose pounds.

Simply put, the more efficient the metabolic rate, the quicker the pounds melt off.

Metabolism Boosters

This is one element that many diet supplements and pills concentrate upon - trying beefing-up the speed in order to burn energy more efficiently.

Unfortunately, the side effects of such can be quite annoying as well as frightening.

The body has a set pattern of performing vital functions throughout the day based on several factors - such as current body weight, muscle mass, height, bone structure and size, gender, activity level and the foods and drinks that we are inputting at meal and snack times.

When we attempt to change the normal way that the body reacts, we are basically interfering with the chain reaction - which in turn can crease massive health issues, including death.

Side Effects of Metabolism Boosters

Where metabolic boosters are concerned the side-effects are serious. They include:

- rapid pulse
- heart beating irregularly and may feel like it's trying to come out of the chest cavity
- the individual may also feel dizzy and ill to the stomach
- Trembling as well as the sweats may also be associated with formulas designed to ramp-up metabolic rate.

Keep in mind that our bodies are like delicate instruments and they can only be fine-tuned to a certain limit.

This applies to the metabolism as well, and it can only be increased without ill impact to a certain level. Otherwise, the individual would be walking around looking like they just pulled a few G's.

Experiencing a Natural Increase in Metabolic Rate While Decreasing Body Size

Let's review situations which can support a healthy metabolism:

Increasing Metabolic Rate Via Exercise

First and foremost, increasing the activity level. There is nothing more effective.

Through Daily Diet, Using Natural or Raw Foods

The types of food and drink that we input into the body. Once it reaches the digesting phase, the body will process the energy differently, based upon its composite.

Natural foods are more easily processed than commercially refined foods; in addition the foods that are as close to raw as possible tend to be easier for the body to process.

Once the processing has been completed, essential vitamins and minerals are distributed throughout the body and anything that is identified as waste goes into the intestinal track so that it is eventually removed from the body.

Dietary Fiber to Assist in Ridding Waste & Potentially Harmful Toxins From the Body

It's vital to have a properly working evacuation system as this keeps the process moving along smoothly. The longer that waste remains stagnant in the body, the more toxins that can potentially cause issues over the long term. An impacted system can impact the rate of weight loss.

What can assist? Foods and drinks which contain dietary fiber such as pearl barley, raisin bran, oats and legumes.

So at this point we see that basically we need to eat foods which are as natural as possible, we must add exercise to our daily routine and we need to ensure that we consume ample dietary fiber so that our intestines remain in good working order.

Can Coffee & Smoking Increase Metabolic Rate? Dangers, Side Effects of Nicotine, Caffeine

They do indeed - when the coffee contains caffeine and the choice of smoke contains nicotine. Both of these agents ramp-up the metabolic rate.

Some individuals will argue that the impact is minimal where weight is involved but keep in mind that the post-smoker will gain an average of ten pounds after quitting. Of course, some of those pounds are due to the need to keep filling the mouth with something that takes the place of the smoke. However, nicotine is a drug which acts like a stimulant - just as caffeine performs.

But using nicotine doesn't come without significant health risks. Sure, it can contribute to cancer in every area imaginable in the human body. It also impacts the respiratory system, including the heart.

Side Effects of Nicotine on the Human Body

Let's examine the impact on other areas of the body and the side effects of nicotine:

Blood: Increased risk of clotting issues.

General: Irritability, headache, lightheadedness, dizziness, sleeping disorders and disturbances including abnormal dreams. It is addictive substance.

Gastro-Intestinal: Dyspepsia, dry mouth, nausea, heartburn and diarrhea.

Muscular Issues: Tremor and pain.

Lungs: Bronchial issues, congestion, excessive phlegm production.

Heart: Increase in heart rate as well as a potential decrease, elevated blood pressure, arrhythmia, and coronary artery restriction.

Endocrine System: Insulin resistance (a very important reason why diabetics should not smoke), and hyperinsulinenemia.

Side Effects of Caffeine on the Human Body

As to caffeine,it is generally associated with the following side effects amid withdrawal: headache, irritability. The side effects are greatly dependant upon how much is ingested over a certain period of time. There are both positive and negative elements associated with this very common stimulant. This stimulant is also found in tea as well as other popular beverages.

Caffeine Positives

General: Increased awareness, alertness. Often used effectively for combating sleep as well as fatigue. Also increases metabolic rate; this is an important bullet point for individuals seeking to lose pounds.

Heart: May lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Pancreas: May lower risk of diabetes.

The Negatives

Nervous System: May trigger anxiety including anxiety attacks; is addictive. May also cause nervousness thus contributing to a reduction in control of fine motor skills.

Heart, Circulatory: May increase vasoconstriction and blood pressure readings.

Kidneys: Increases urine flow, acting as a stimulant.

In Summary

If you require further information on the metabolic rate and how it relates to losing these links at Diet Bites can assist: The Metabolic Matrix | Time for a Boost

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