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Drink One Less Soda a Day

Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Drink one less soft drink a day & drop 15 pounds in a year.

Really?? Well, sort of...

It appears that one of the newest draws in getting people interested in weight loss is, ďBy giving up just one, 150-calorie soft drink per day, you can drop 15 pounds in one year.Ē

Can that really be true?

Well, sort of. Thereís one little tidbit of information that is critical to this Weight Loss Formula that appears so simple on the surface. 

So what fact is lurking in the depths?

To Lose 15 Pounds a Year, Energy Intake/Expenditure Must Remain Equal

The fact is that an individual must consume about the same number of calories each day in order for that 150-calorie soda to make an impact on the weight scales.

This means that in order to receive that 15-pound weight loss, the individual must tally up the daily calories to ensure they arenít going over that magic number for pre-soda-reduction days. Bummers. No one told us that, did they?

Kick the Can for Weight Loss

Although cutting back on sugar-intake is a good health decision, our bodies are very wise. They become accustomed to receiving a certain number of calories (i.e. energy) each day, and they are able to compensate and adjust quite craftily.

Simply put, unless an individual keeps a close eye on daily calorie intake, the body will find a way to get those calories into the daily mix. Rather than the soda, an individual might substitute another food.

Smart Body I, I Body Smart

No matter what we currently weigh, if we arenít calculating daily calories, we tend to hold the same weight.

Of course, there are exceptions.

During these short increments we either put on more weight, or lose weight.

Example: A holiday or certain occasion rolls around Ė or our stress level rises such as when mother-in-law comes to visit, and we suddenly find the numbers on our weight scales increasing.

Generally, we are aware that we are eating more these days Ė even though we arenít tabulating the calories in the foods we are eating.

So more weight packs on BUT we again reach a plain where our weight levels out and we weigh much the same day-in and day-out. Itís much like the Weight Loss Plateau in reverse.

Tips to Achieve Effective Weight Loss

Effective weight loss is a mix of diet, activity, relaxation and yes, the old gene pool. Although baby steps towards weight loss may be beneficial in the short term, they often drift off to the wayside.

And the One-Less-Soda mentality may encourage yo-yo dieting which is far worse health-wise than that daily soda.

One Food Diet, Weight Loss Solutions

Although one-food diets aren't a healthy option for weight loss, enjoying meals that contain one-food-items can be deliciously filling and healthy!

One food options also keep food choices at bay, therefore assisting the dieter locked in Diet Temptation Mode. Here is our favorite one food meal:

-Cheeseburger prepared with real cheese (70 calories) and the leanest hamburger at the local market.  We keep our patties very thin and add lots of lettuce, tomato, sliced onion and sauteed mushrooms.

Opting for mustard also slashes calories.  We also use a whole grain bun and blot the meat before topping it with real cheese.  Blotting away the excess oils reduces the calories in the cheeseburger.

Although many dieters might back away from a cheeseburger, if you think about it - the cheeseburger incorporates many of the food groups from the Official Food Pyramid:

-Bread - Grain group.
-Cheese - Dairy group.
-Lettuce, Tomato, Mushrooms, Onion - Vegetable Group
-Meat, Protein Group

One large cheeseburger prepared with extra lean ground beef as described above contains about 400 calories. Veggie patties are an alternative for the hamburger meat and may be crisped up by 'frying' in non-stick butter spray.

Calories in the cheeseburger may be cut further still when opting for a smaller hamburger bun.

Other one-food meals include: egg rolls and burritos.


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