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Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Article by Diet Bites

Is Losing Weight Faster Always Best?

Let's take a look at dieter Janet to see how she faired when she went on a plan promising quick weight loss results.....

Janet stepped off her bathroom scales one bright spring morning, her hand going to her mouth as she was locked in a state of shock.

Although her clothing had been fitting tighter than usual, she was gobsmacked to discover that she had gained ten pounds - and she was already 35 pounds over her recommended ideal body weight.

Lose Weight Now!

Almost immediately, she decided that she wanted to lose these new, unwanted buddies of hers as quickly as humanly possible - all ten of them.

Although she would like to get rid of all her excess fat - for the moment she was simply concerned with getting a grip on her weight before it soared to even higher levels.

She would begin her quest on the morrow, right after she located a diet that promised quick results.

High Calorie Meals, Flinging Good Sense Into the Wind

One Last Feasting Day Before Beginning That Brand New Diet Plan.....

Due to her desire to quickly do away with the unwanted pounds she was acutely aware that it would be a while before she could enjoy her favorite foods, so she decided to treat herself throughout the day. One last fling!

For breakfast, she stopped off at her favorite fast food spot and ordered a sausage biscuit with cheese. She had a sudden impulse and requested a side order of potato cakes to accompany the biscuit sandwich.

Lunch time, she suggested to her friends that they dine at a new Italian restaurant that had recently opened. Janet's friends jumped at the idea while Janet jumped for the garlic cheese bread and the supreme pizza. The oversized wedge of Italian cream cake for dessert wasn't bad, either.

When dinner time arrived, she ate at her favorite Mexican restaurant with her boyfriend, Todd. They had been going together for exactly one year, so Todd gave her a box of her favorite chocolates to celebrate the event.

They enjoyed several selections from the box after they dove into their beef and cheese enchilada platters that also contained Mexican rice and refried beans. Knowing that this was the last time that she'd be able to eat so freely, Janet was quite pleased that she had 1/2 dozen of the enchiladas all to herself.

Later that evening after Todd left her place, she eyed the box containing the remainder of the deep, dark chocolates, knowing that if she wanted to lose 10 pounds fast, she wouldn't be able to succeed with all that chocolate flirting with her. So she ate the entire box by bedtime, feeling very full and satisfied.

She would begin her new diet come morning, fueled with willpower and she promised herself that she would not lose focus until she had met her goal.

The Morning After, The First Day of the Diet Plan

We are happy to report that Janet went forward to meet her goal - but not as fast as she would have preferred. It took close to two months to lose those ten pounds.

Weight Loss Hot Spots

Let's see if we can identify one of the hot spots that kept Janet from losing as rapidly as she would have liked:

Her explosive menu on pre-diet day knocked her bathroom scales for a further loop. Her eating spree tacked on another 2 pounds of fat which didn't automatically show on the scales until a few days into her quest.

Therefore, she was not only losing the newly gained weight, she was also battling with weight gain due to Mama Mia, Mamasita, and Mama Needs Chocolate.

How long does it take to lose 10 pounds fast?

About a month. A safe rate of true fat loss is about 2 pounds per week and will be more likely to stay gone.

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