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Body Fat, What to Expect While Dieting

Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What To Expect While Dieting

Weight Loss Tips - Symptoms of Dieting & Weight Loss

Weight loss brings about so many great, healthy things for the body - and losing those extra pounds is certainly a moral booster!

Getting there is certainly a tall hill to climb, and in some events it can be a mighty mountain. However, the results waiting on the other side are certainly worth all the Weight Loss Grief.

What should an individual expect to experience while dieting for weight loss? Knowing these hurdles can assist in conquering the Weight Loss Demon head-on, so let's examine some of the most common side-effects involved in the weight loss process:

- Bad breath. Chewing gum or making use of mints throughout the day can help keep Dieter's Breath at bay. A little parsley may also be of help. Bottom line: pay very careful attention to your dental health while dieting. Brush those toothies well. Floss daily. Use a good rinse.

If you're a twice-a-day brusher, switch to brushing after every meal in addition to morning and night.

- Nervousness, feeling anxious, and at times, powerless. Exercise better control over your Weight Loss Game by switching from the 'defensive dieter mode' to the 'offensive dieter mode'.

Sure, you may not be able to enjoy all the cheesecake you want - like you did in pre-diet time, but it's not because 'you can't do that anymore'. It's because you DON'T want to do that anymore for the sake of your good health.

- Overwhelmed. A dieter may feel overwhelmed because they are on a detailed weight loss plan that contains a lot of 'ya can't do this' and/or 'ya have to do this'.

With so many things to keep up with, particularly if the weight loss plan recommends a plethora of time-consuming exercises, the dieter is more apt to lose focus on weight loss and toss everything into the Diet Dipsy Dumpster.

A weight loss plan should be simple. A simple weight loss plan should contain foods from the healthy Food Pyramid in recommended amounts, based on personal nutritional needs.

A simple weight loss plan should include foods that are closest to their natural state. A simple weight loss plan should include a healthy dose of exercise that begins at a slow pace and builds from that point.

- Soreness, aching body, possible crankiness due to an over-extension of exercise. Again, start out slowly and build from that point. And be certain to choose an exercise or physical activity that you'll stick with for life.

- Mood swings. A dieter may rejoice over a few pounds of weight that has been lost. Later that day, they may feel down because their group of friends are going out to chow-down on pizza and they can't go due to temptation reasons.

In addition, the body is constantly making adjustments to accommodate weight loss.

- Hair loss & nail issues. This generally occurs in a daily diet that is severely restricted in calories, particularly in fat.

Okay - enough of the negative things already! Let's view a short-list of the positive things to expect while dieting:

- Weight loss. Yeah!

- Sharper mental abilities. Mental fog dissipates.

- More energy. You may feel like getting right out of bed rather than experiencing that 'morning struggle'.

Rather than going into couch potato mode in the evenings, you may find greater pleasure being active.

- A body that may contain more muscle than fat. And of course, muscle requires more calories to support than fat.

- Stronger level of confidence, and of self-image.

- Improved balance.

- Improved bone health, cardio-related health, digestive health, respiratory health and an improvement in over-all health.

- Digestive health issues, particularly gas-related and acid-related issues may completely vanish.

- Risk for many diseases with decrease greatly, depending upon the amount of weight loss and the individual's body composite.


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