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Exercises to Lose Pounds Fast

Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Five Great Suggestions That Help the Dieter Melt Pounds While Having Fun

Discovering Areas for Exercise & Activity

The population started to boom in the last century and it hasn't shown any sign whatsoever in slowing down. About the only good news associated with such is that commercial businesses have a better chance of flourishing. More people, more customers.

But there is a horrible downside to the earth-shattering number of people currently living on the planet.

Nature and wildlife are losing their homes; many species are threatened.

The amount of food necessary to provide for everyone on earth is shocking.

Precious resources are being depleted at light's speed.

And it's getting more and more challenging to find areas where one can safely exercise in the Great Outdoors. Public lands are depleting and in today's new world, one often needs to book in advance just to visit the nation's national parks.

On that note, we'd like to highlight a few tips involved with activity and the weight loss process, particularly for those who don't know quite where to start on their exercise plan, as well as for those seeking exciting elements to add to their current plan.

In Step With Weight Loss, Activities That Melt Pounds

1. Lose weight while enjoying an adventure!

Set out for the nearest State Park in your area and don't forget to pack your tent and hiking boots.

While national parks can be difficult to get into, particularly during the most pleasant times of the year to enjoy the outdoors, the local parks are much more accessible.



120 lb Person

210 lb

265 lb


160 - 2 mph

210 - 2 mph

265- 2 mph

215 - 3 mph

285 - 3 mph

360 - 3 mph

280 - 4 mph

375 - 4 mph

470 - 4 mph

They are generally mined with hiking trails for the Nature Seeker. Most trails provide a bench or two along the journey for times when the feet grows weary and where one can sit and simply enjoy nature or a healthy snack to revitalize.

Favorite times of the year for us include spring when all the wild flowers pop out, as well as autumn when the colors are ablaze. If you venture out during the hottest or coldest times of the year, be sure to go prepared with adequate clothing, water and snacks for refueling energy.

To the right we have posted data that indicates how many calories can be burned based upon the current weight of the individual. Those numbers are pretty impressive and offer motivation to get those tootsies moving!

Best time to buy tents and hiking gear? At the end of the summer season when the stores are clearing out the merchandise and preparing to showcase holiday items.

2. Do this fun activity and you'll be flying high!

Think about this; how long has it been since you have flown a kite? This is a most excellent activity which not only gets the body in motion, it is also quite pleasant.

Kites are available in most any size, color, texture and image these days - from the simple newspaper & twine version to the mini-airplane version.

Be sure to adhere to the rules that accompany kiting such as: " Keep away from power lines" or you may get an unexpected thrill that's more chilling than thrilling.

  3. Making Use of Public Areas for Fitness Needs

Pack a picnic basket filled with healthy fixings and head out for a day of swimming at the local water hole or water park. Most State Parks have swim-friendly areas for park visitors.

If you don't have swimming areas available, then settle in at the local park. Take along your favorite sport's ball or tennis racket. Or, consider purchasing an inexpensive pool that will last throughout a few summers. Best time to buy? As with the hiking gear, the best deals can be found at the end of the summer season.

How many kcals can you use per hour?




Calories Burned Playing Tennis




4. Hit the local skating rink!

Whether you're a rollerblader or ice skater, skating burns a ton of calories. A 150-pound person burns approximately 500 calories per hour while roller skating OR ice skating.

Skating also gives the legs a great workout. Be sure to practice skating rules such as wearing knee pads, elbow pads. And if you are clumsy like myself, a sturdy helmet can assist in protecting that large brain.

  5. Necessary Tools for Fitness

Shopping at your local home center, mall or Big Box is a great way to burn calories.  

Another great plus is that you'll gain a few decorating ideas while you're there. 


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