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Fruits Highest in Calories

Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Fruits Containing More Than 150 Calories Per Serving

Fortunately, there are very few Fruit Group selections which exceed the 150 kcal mark and all of those are in dried form excepting the avocado which is often incorrectly placed into the Vegetable Group.

Let's look at the values as well as the nutrition notes associates with these selections; the data is based on dried state except for the information on the avocado.

All of the following selections are low in dietary fat and cholesterol except the avocado.


Need a little more iron in your life? Reach for the dried peaches but don't reach for too many. Five halves will cost you about 155 kcals. They are also a very rich source for dietary fiber and iron.

Mix with a chopped walnut, pecan - or your favorite nut or seed for snack time. Or, add to your next chef salad for that extra sweet kick. By mixing the fruit with vegetable proteins you'll be adding satiety power while creating your personal mini-trail mix.


In this state they are quite soft and pliable. The texture may not be appealing to everyone and they aren't one of the more popular dried fruit selections.

Moderate in caloric values at 156 per 10 rings, they also contain zero cholesterol but should be enjoyed in moderation.

Five rings might fit nicely into the weight loss plan while ten is a tab too much.

For twenty rings, one can enjoy a frozen Mexican meal and feel full for hours to come.


Fresh, creamy and green - and yes, loaded with fat but it is derived chiefly from monounsaturated fatty acids which have been shown in health studies to be effective in battling cholesterol.

One-half of a medium fruit contains about 162 calories but it only takes a few thin slices to ramp-up flavors. Add a few chunks to the basic salad or a couple of slices to a lean burger.

Raisins: Golden & Dark

The tiny boxes of dark raisins contain about 130 kcals and can assist in keeping values in check. A one-half cup of the dark or golden variety contains 218 kcals.

As a side note, one of the most high-caloric pie on the planet is the raisin pie. They are also the base for mincemeat pie, also very extreme in caloric values. A positive note however as they are quite nice in dietary fiber and iron benefits.


These aren't readily available in smaller markets and perhaps that is a good thing for dieters as five halves contains 229 kcals.

Currants, Zante Variety

One cup of dried currants contains 408 calories so they should be limited while dieting or not. One cup also contains 5.88 protein grams, and almost 10 dietary fiber grams. The carbohydrate grams equal 106.68 with sugar grams steep at 96.88.

In Summary

There are several other fruits that can be found in high-end markets including pineapple and papaya which are both quite delicious. Do keep in mind that all dried fruits are extreme in sugar content as well as caloric values.

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