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Best Time to Lose Weight

Article by Diet Bites

Synchronizing Your Diet

Dieter Greg seems to always be on a diet, but he seems to never lose weight.  

What is wrong? Is it his diet plan? And he doesn't even want to hear the Willpower line. Let's see if we can clarify this common Diet Dilemma for Dieter Greg.

We've even drawn a nifty visual and have posted it below for your review.

Things That Block the Path to Weight Loss Success

Just look at Dieter Greg's scrambled-up Diet Dilemma! Right off of the bat, we can identify a few of the conflicts in his every-day life that are impacting his diet success:

circle03_skyblue.gif While Greg wants to diet, his holidays differ, particularly when filled with his Aunt Loma's succulent carrot cake with the cream cheese icing.

circle03_skyblue.gif And it's not just the standard holidays. Birthdays, days off from work and particularly vacations also impact Greg's weight loss rather's.

circle03_skyblue.gif Although Greg's wife tries very hard to help him drop the excess weight, she must also please the rest of the family and that generally includes her tasty homemade triple-cheese pizza. Greg is simply too thin-crusted to resist this tempting creation.

How Dieter Greg Can Accomplish Weight Loss

Greg must round up his holidays and special events and work out a plan for eating that won't sabotage his diet.

He must also gain his wife's assistance to work towards meals that will not only help him lose weight, but that will also satisfy the rest of the family while improving their health.

Diets are like many things in life. They just work better when they are well-organized and when everyone is in agreement.

Dieting is a balancing act - balancing food, meal times, food choices and activities.

No Perfect Time to Lose Weight

No matter what time of the year that an individual chooses to pull off pounds, there is no time that is going to be without days of celebration.

We're a very social society; we're the type of living creatures who come up with sending special cards for Boss Day. How wild is that? After all, shouldn't it really be about Employee Day?

A Balanced Eating Plan, Making Wise Food & Beverage Choices

Nonetheless, every month presents a new opportunity for balancing the foods as well as the drinks that we choose to place on our meal plates and within our allotted snack times.

When we choose wisely, the rewards are great in the area of improved health; but when we choose poorly, we are rewarded with poor health more often than not.

That Golden Feasting Time of the Year: October 31 Through January 1.

One of the worst times of the year to strike out on a quest to eradicate fat is what we call the Golden Feasting Quarter of the year - starting in October and ending on the first day of the following year.

Even starting on the second poses issues as Cupid isn't that far down the road.

Therefore, choose the times that you start your journey wisely and choose it well.

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