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Dieting Mistakes to Avoid

Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Boo Boo? Help is on the 'Weigh'!

Have you recently experienced a Diet Boo Boo? Something like accidentally stuffing down two cups of Rocky Road ice cream? 

And three chocolate chip cookies? And a quart of chocolate milk? All in one setting?

If so, believe us when we say that it's nothing that can't be fixed. Most all dieters require a little patching from time to time, particularly when dieting begins to wear on one's patience.  

Fact is - it takes time to drop weight and it's hard to wait on weight.

So if you have fallen off the 'Diet Wagon, Horse or even the Old Nag' - get right back on and ride 'er hard!  

Almost Anything Can Be Accomplished When We Have Rich Parents Set Our Minds To It

My grandmother used to have a saying that went something like this: " Can't never could do anything."

So yes - you CAN lose weight and yes, you CAN reach a healthier level and yes, you CAN screw up on your diet and still race across the finish line, reaching your recommended weight. It's not how long it takes to win the race, but the fact that you end up crossing the finish line.

Making a Healthy Recovery From a Former Failed Diet Plan

Here are a few diet tips that can assist in getting you right back on track with your weight loss plan which all involve our sense of taste and our sense of smell:

As Humans, We're Allowed to Make Mistakes, Even When Dieting - Especially Then....

Keep in mind that you're only human - a human with intense taste buds and one heck of a good sniffer.

When our noses smell something delectable it sends a message to our taste buds, commanding that we investigate and taste test.

Stay Out of the Kitchen to Resist Eating

All is well until that first taste which has the potential to send us overboard. Therefore, it's a good idea to avoid cooking areas until meal time.

Scents Trigger Appetite

It's also a good idea to avoid scented candles that come in any of the following scents: fresh baked cookies, pumpkin delight, coffee toffee, apple cream pie, banana cream pie, lemon pie, and death by chocolate.

The scents can trigger appetite on a dime.

For now, think about the first thing that greets you at your local movie theater (hint: it's not the ticket taker). Right - it's the smell of fresh popped popcorn.

It follows you as you enter the building and even into the movie screen area as almost everyone has purchased a bucket of hot buttered popcorn.

Then about half way through the movie, the area takes on the scent of stale popcorn. It that had been the scent that greeted you when you walked into the theater, it would have been very easy to resist.

Nonetheless, when going to the movies - if you know that you're not going to be able to resist purchasing hot buttered popcorn then plan for those calories before you go into the theater.

Bypass Food Courts While Dieting

When shopping at the mall, you'll do well in controlling your appetite by staying away from the stores that are close to the food court area.

One whip of pizza or fresh baked cookies can be enough to send the most serious of dieters overboard.

In Summary

While food scents as well as our sense of taste are often responsible for ruining our weight loss plan, other senses can also impact the foods that we eat and they can become the reason why 'we eat what we eat'.

The best sense to follow where weight loss is concerned is in using 'our good sense'.

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