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Types of Diets to Lose Weight

Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Diet Band Wagon - Don't Fall Off!

America is on the move, baby....

The greater public is being challenged to lose weight in the four directions of the wind these days.

Types of Diet Plans

East: cut sugar and fat in the school system!

West: try a kicky-named fad diet plan that makes Dieting a Beach!

South: kick one can per day of soda and lose 15 pounds per year!

North: substitute dinner with a bowl of cereal to drop pounds!

Some say it's in the right direction, a road that leads to a thinner You, filled with Honey Ponds & Flitter Trees.

Creating Awareness of a Higher Level of Health

Although no one likes to be prodded or forced into doing anything - including getting a Body of Brawn, awareness of measures we can take to achieve better health, that in turn deliver a longer life span is a great thing.

And although we've known about most of these solutions and weight loss tips for years, it appears that rather than becoming a thinner nation, we keep growing in all the wrong directions.

On that note, if you find that you're just not in the mood to lose, and you're not in the mood to try any of the savvy fitness tips, perhaps the following suggestions just might be right up your alley.

Trimming Tips While Trying to Lose Weight

Choosing Activities Wisely

Take up an activity that you find interesting whether it's flying a kite, joining a softball team, a quilting bee, visiting a skating rink or hiking the wild.

All of these activities are much more doable when you have a group of friends to tag along with you. The more, the merrier.

Avoid Boring Diet Plans, Menus & Meal Plates

If your current daily meal plates remain the same, the injection of activity will trigger weight loss and a stronger, firmer body.

It may also assist to shake things up where food and drink are concerned. If you're into a delicious cheeseburger, then you may love a healthier spicy bean burger.

Or simply prepare your old recipe using extra lean beef, mustard over Mayo and reduced fat cheese over the full-blown.

Fact is, ingredients truly matter. Why? Because they contain kcals which determine the number on your bathroom scales. Not carbohydrates, proteins, cholesterol, different types of fat, dietary fiber, iron, calcium, potassium intakes - it's the calories that count.

Healthier Beverage Choices

Rather than worrying about taking that ONE drink out of your daily diet, try making clear water your sole beverage choice for a week. At the end of the week, see if you dropped pounds.

Keeping the Kids Healthy

Rather than relying on the school to serve your child a healthy meal, pack one instead. While you're at it, pack a healthy lunch for yourself rather than feasting out of the vending machine.

Eat in Designated Dining Areas, Not in Front of the Tube, Computer or Game Machine

Make eating time at home a private affair confined to one room - the dining area or kitchen. This helps deal with the 'watching television/gotta snack' syndrome.

And for snack times, leave out a healthy bowl of fresh fruit.

Using Your Good Sense in Picking the Healthiest Diet Plan

While you can go crazy chasing all of the popular health tips for getting and keeping trim, it makes more sense to use your good sense.

How many meals per day? Three. Snacks? Two to three. What about activity? You know that you need to incorporate such into your daily routine for optimum fitness.

What about soda or water? Cupcake with heavy frosting or a fresh fruit selection? Butter on your mashed potatoes or reduced fat margarine? Fried squash or baked?

While getting trim is certainly challenging because processed, high fat content foods just have a wonderful texture and flavor to them - that texture and flavor just isn't worth the unhealthy trade-off.

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