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This article includes a nifty calculator to help determine daily calorie needs.

Keep in mind that many things impact our daily calorie needs and the following is merely a tool to help determine such and is not intended to take the place of your doctor's advice.

Age & Energy Needs

You will start by identifying your gender and then your age.

The reason why these two elements are important in defining your personal needs is because the older the individual, the less caloric (or energy) intake will be required as the body slows due to ageing.

It's a normal process and is often associated with unwanted weight gain.

As we age, we tend to continue our same eating pattern - and that's why it is called a pattern. We are familiar with it and we become locked into a situation with is both satisfying and agreeable with the body.

It's a most favorable situation as long as the individual doesn't over-consume in the area of food and drink.

Cell Health Decreases as We Age, More Difficult to Lose Weight

But something happens as time goes by; the human body starts to slow down - and not only where activity is involved.

The interior also begins to break down. Cells can't mend as quickly as in the past; our ageing metabolism isn't able to process as efficiently as it once did - and so forth. Of course, there are two simple solutions but they aren't as simple to accomplish in real life as they are to put to paper.

1. Ramp-up activity level to accommodate the slower metabolic rate.

2. Decrease energy sources going into the body.

Unfortunately, if one or the other - or a combination of both isn't followed, then middle-age spread becomes part of the equation.

Roll of Our Gender & Body Weight

Most men require more daily calories than women due to having more muscle mass which requires more energy to support than fat. In addition, should you choose to increase your activity level whether dieting or not - and whether you are male or female - you'll be able to enjoy more kcals if your body contains more muscle mass.

Try plugging in your personal criteria using our calculator below and if you're male, see the suggestions for female - and vice versa. The differences in energy intake can be quite significant.

Current Pound Impact on Weight Loss & Body Weight

The more the body weighs, the more energy it requires to support. When values are decreased, that decrease is measured on the weighing scales.

Level of Activity, Rate of Metabolic Burn

The more that you move, the more values you'll require. Every little move that you make burns fuel (food, drink).

Daily Calorie Needs Calculator :: JavaScript Version

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Weight Charts & Data for Setting Fitness Goals

We want to stress that while charts, scientific data and gizmos can be great tools for the dieter, the results should be used as a pattern in setting fitness goals - and certainly not determining factors that cannot be amendable.

When it comes to fitness, the key is creating a personable plan that will render the best results based on the individual's needs.


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