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Can Cereal for Dinner
Help Me Lose Weight?

Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Losing Weight by Eating Cereal

The Diet Cereal Genie can help get those unwanted pounds off, but may also trigger weight gain. Oh no - that's not a good thing at all.  

Weight gain? How?

Well, say you're a Sugar Ant OR say you love whole milk - and lots of it in your cereal. And say that you don't take time to measure out the cereal and rather than eating 1 serving, you're actually eating 3?  

And say that you're still famished after you've eaten your cereal? While a bowl of cereal is great for those times when you really want to eat light, but are tired of side salads, there are times when a dieter needs more.

We've got so sassy meal suggestions listed below that contain less calories than that measly bowl of cereal. And these healthy suggestions will leave you full for hours to come.

Before we get to those, here are a few suggestions that might help with those taking a Cereal Challenge.

Cereal for Weight Loss, Dieting Tips

Low Fat Milk, Soy & Coconut Milk

circle03_skyblue.gif Use skim milk rather than whole. Most whole milk contains about 150 calories skim milk contains about 80 calories.  Even the Silk brand 100% Coconut Milk at 80 calories per serving makes a healthy choice.

Whole Grains & Added Fruit Offer Satiety Power Via Dietary Fiber

circle03_skyblue.gif Reach for whole grain, high fiber cereals.

circle03_skyblue.gif Most Cereal Challenges recommend that a serving of fruit be added to the meal.  All fruit calories are NOT created equal.   A serving of strawberries contains about 45 calories while a banana contains about 80 calories.

Monitoring Sugar Intake for Weight Loss

circle03_skyblue.gif Sugar addicts may add 50 or more calories to a bowl of cereal, depending upon how sweet they like it. A healthier additive is one of Mother Nature's natural gifts, such as 1/2 cup of sliced strawberries or 1/2 a small bananas.

Fruit is part of the Pyramid and that's a definite plus. Another option is to add no calorie sweetener.  

Take Time to Measure Recommended Serving Sizes

circle03_skyblue.gif Be sure to measure out your cereal.   A 3/4 - 1 cup serving is much smaller than one might assume.   And while you're at it, best measure the milk, too.

Snack Tips

circle03_skyblue.gif Cereal also makes a fairly healthy snack when enjoyed without the milk. 1/2 cup should fit the bill, but if we're honest with one another, most individuals use a cup or more on their cereal.

Best Morning or Anytime Cereal for Dieters

Filling Up Without Filling Out On Cereal

In our Diet Books, it's hard to top old-fashioned oatmeal when it comes to healthy morning OR anytime cereal.  Just take a gander at all the healthy benefits associated with oatmeal as well as a few good diet tips:

- Ultra low in calories - about 150 per 1/2 cup (dry) serving.

- Oats contain a good splash of healthy fiber which helps keep your tummy satisfied for hours to come.

- Oats hold heart-healthy benefits.

- Oatmeal can be easily modified by adding a spoon of brown sugar, a few raisins, or a dash of ground cinnamon. Although 1/2 cup may seem like a small serving size, oatmeal swells when it hits the hot water.

- For an even thicker, taller serving - place 'stewing' oats into the microwave and cook for an additional minute. Be sure to use a tall bowl due to the expansion of the oats as the cook.

- Because this warm cereal is so low in calories, adding a slice of whole grain toast, a serving of fruit and a cup of skim milk to the mix are all great options for dieters.

- Be sure to watch the addition of sugar, whole milk and butter as the 150-calorie bowl of oatmeal can turn into a fire-breathing Diet Dragon.

Of course, there are many healthy cereals at your local market just waiting to be a part of your healthy diet. We simply prefer the whole-grain goodness of oatmeal and its versatility.

Rib-Sticking Meals for 250 Calories (a little more or less)

circle03_skyblue.gif If you find that cereal leaves you hungry, the suggestions below contain less calories than a bowl of boxed dry cereal with 1/2 to 1 cup of milk - about 250 to 350 calories on average.

Add fruit as recommended in most Cereal Challenges, and we're over 400 calories!  What's great about our meal suggestions is that they are rib-sticking foods which will leave you feeling full for several hours.

1. Hold the Fort for Beans & Bread:   No need to cook beans for hours. Just grab your favorite canned beans at the market, along with a loaf of whole grain bread. Want butter on that bread? Best grab a bottle of no calorie butter spray.  

Calories: 1/2 cup of beans = 150, 1 slice of wheat bread = 70 for a total of 220 kcals

Another plus? The beans, the bread and the butter spray will cost you less than the cereal alone. There's still the milk to buy.

If you purchase the Bush beans, it'll do ya for six meals. What a Diet Deal!

2. Oats for Satiety Power: A serving of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of skim milk and no calorie butter - and a bit of Splenda or no calorie sweetener will cost a mere 190 calories! You'll be feeling full for hours to come.

3. Fried Tator Medley: You'll need 1 small potato thinly sliced and 1/2 bag of your favorite mixed vegetables. Oh - and a can of cooking spray.

Spray non-stick skillet with cooking spray and add sliced spuds. Cook until they reach preferred tenderness.   Remove add mixed veggies and cook until done. Add salt, pepper and no calorie butter if desired.

Calories: 1 small tator = 120, 1/2 package of mixed veggies = 60 for a total of 180 kcals

Another plus? The vegetables are a stronghold of the Food Pyramid packed with nutrients.  

Cereal Diets, Do They Work? What's on the Menu?

circle03_skyblue.gif Keep in mind that most the of Cereal Challenges recommend replacing TWO meals per day with cereal and fruit PLUS the third meal should be sensible (i.e. low in fat and calories)  - with results of average weight loss of 10 pounds within a 12-week period.

That's three months, by the way. 12 weeks just sounds better.

Results of studies such as these should provide the average weights of the individuals participating in the Cereal Challenge for consumer point of reference.

Someone with a lot of weight to lose SHOULD lose far more weight that 10 pounds in a three month period when following a calorie-reduced diet.

Actually, about two pounds per week for a total weight loss of 24 pounds.  


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