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Ambien Side Effects Which
Include Sleep Walking, Weight Gain

Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

All medications - including non-prescription drugs, prescription drugs and herbs may present side effects for certain individuals.

While taking Ambien, some individuals have experienced incidents where they were sleep walking and performing daily tasks such as cooking, driving, and eating which contributed to weight gain.

In some individuals it appears that this drug allows parts of the brain to rest while leaving other parts of the brain active thus presenting sleep walking effects.

Upon waking, an amnesic effect is rendered, leaving the individual clueless as to what transpired during the sleep cycle.

If you are taking Ambien and experience weight gain, please see your doctor.

And please see your doctor if you are taking  this prescription medication and experience the following side effects, some which may serious.

Common Side Effects of Ambien

circle03_skyblue.gif headache, dizziness, mental fog, daytime drowsiness, indigestion, nausea, allergies

Brain & Nerve Related: confusion, amnesia, pale color, abnormal dreams, anxiety, insomnia, burning sensation, anxiety, nervousness, numbness, tremor, unconsciousness, suppressed mental alertness, find difficulty in concentrating, depression, sensation of touch decreased, hallucination, itching, dizziness upon standing, ringing in the ears, vertigo, difficulty speaking, abnormal taste, falling to sleep during normal waking hours, excessive perspiration. How lovely...

Heart, Kidney, Pancreas: weakness, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, swelling (fluid retention), urinary tract infection, chest pain, high blood sugar.

Infection & Inflammation:   sinus infection, bronchitis, nasal inflammation, arthritis, upper respiratory infection, bladder infection, inflammation of throat, flu-like symptoms, eye infection, general infections.

Digestive Tract & Abdominal: abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, hiccup, loss of appetite, excessive gas, belching, decrease in saliva.

Respiratory Issues: bronchitis, sinus infection, chest pain, coughing, difficulty breathing, upper respiratory infection.

Rare Side Effects of Ambien

Inability to urinate, glaucoma, breast tumors, blood clot in lungs, tooth decay, nosebleeds, abdominal cavity tears, intestinal blockage, intense urge to purge, high cholesterol, anemia, fainting, irregular heartbeat, vision - flashing lights/sparks, pneumonia, sciatica, boils, degeneration of joints, paralysis, varicose veins, and uncontrollable spasms. How lovely...

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