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I Hate Being Fat

Article Written By Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Time to Drop Those Unwanted Pounds

Jenny was feeling very down about her weight. Everything had been just fine, then she had gone on that crummy shopping trip to the mall. Almost nothing fit - and what did fit looked better off, than on Jenny's bulky body.

"I hate being fat," she tossed out to her reflection in the mirror.  

After sticking out her tongue at herself, she decided that a starvation diet was in order.  

"I'll teach you to be fat," she warned before she headed out for the girl's night out wearing one of her old, but comfortable outfits. It hung loosely on her body and hid quite a few imperfections.

Sound Familiar? You Have the Power to Change Your Life

Does Jenny's situation ring a bell?

This feeling of anger is a commonality shared by so many individuals who are battling with weighty issues. If you find that you hate being fat, look closer into the mirror. Although we are judged greatly by our outer appearance, it's just a shell of our true self.

As to those imperfections that Jenny attempted to hide, everyone has them - whether they involve the exterior or interior of the human body. No one is perfect, even if they assume they are. As humans, most of us simply do the best that we can with what we have.

How to Break the Unhealthy Cycle of Weight Gain

If you dislike being on a diet more than you dislike being fat - there are other options that will help you shrink without making you feel like you are on a restricted number of calories. That's the good news!

Let's take a look at just a few things that you can do that will assist in trimming pounds; all are very easy and doable and do not require brutal exercise.

Tips for Losing Weight

Saying NO to Second Helpings

circle03_skyblue.gif Try to resist those second helpings - and if you are currently reaching for third or fourth helpings - cut back to the next level down. Slowly but surely keep cutting back until you are down to single-servings again.

Three Meals Per Day

circle03_skyblue.gif Try sticking to three meals per day; if you find that you're still not melting down to size, then you might want to rev your metabolic rate by breaking those three meals into several smaller ones throughout your day.

Just be careful not to migrate to grazing as this is a very dangerous pasture and can lead to weight gain issues.

Rethinking Snacks & Dessert Choices

circle03_skyblue.gif Omit snacks OR, grab a natural fruit for snack time; be sure to limit to no more than three per day.

circle03_skyblue.gif Those tasty fruits also make great options over high fat desserts.

Filling Your Weight Loss Plan With Foods Holding Satiety Power

circle03_skyblue.gif Reach for foods that stick with you for a long time such as oatmeal, boiled eggs, tuna canned in spring water and legumes (beans).

Exercise Adds Strength to Your Body & Diet Plan

circle03_skyblue.gif As far as the exercise issue goes, if you do not like standard exercise, try starting a garden, or going skating with friends, or hiking in a local park.

It's all about movement; when the body becomes immobile it tends to become sluggish on the interior with the metabolism slowing as well as the digestive system.

Side effects often include: a slower pace of fat loss, irritability, headaches, digestive issues - particularly constipation and trapped gas related as well as the weakening of muscles - and keep in mind that the heart is what? That's right - your biggest and most vital muscle.

Soon, rather than complaining, you'll be bragging, "Hey, I'm one hot fox that out-foxed my weight!" Body Fat Index

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