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Symptoms of Vitamin A Overdose

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Symptoms & Warning Signs of Vitamin A Toxicity

Although Vitamin A comes with many health benefits, such as improving our night vision,Diet Bunnies must be careful to avoid Vitamin A Overload.

Too much of 'this good thing' can build up in the body causing toxicity which results in the following symptoms:

- Nausea & Vomiting
- Headache, Dizziness, Blurred Vision
- Loss of Muscular Coordination
- Decrease in Bone Mineral Density
- Liver Abnormalities
- Birth Defects

Beta-Carotene vs Retinol

Beta-Carotene is the natural Vitamin A source found in many vegetables and fruits. You are probably most familiar with the Carrot/Vitamin A association. Excess Beta-Carotene poses no threat in the area of toxicity but may cause a yellow cast to the skin.

Retinol also occurs naturally in foods such as liver, eggs, milk and fish oil. The 'retinol factor' has been linked as the culprit attributing to Vitamin A overload.

Foods Rich in Vitamin A Power

As a health note, when fat is removed from foods, retinol is often added to replace amounts that were extracted during the processing phase.

Examples: milk - including low fat and skim dairy products, and cereals. Other examples of food rich in Vitamin A include:

- Liver - a 3 1/2 ounce serving contains 10 times the RDA (1,500 micrograms/5,000 IU per day)

- Skim milk; although whole milk is fortified with Vitamin A, retinol is added to low fat and skim milk - making retinol content higher than in whole milk.

- Carrots - one medium carrot (about 7 inches in length) is one your best sources for Vitamin A. Just one supplies fiber, speeds weight loss, protects from certain cancers, and may help control diabetes.

- Multi-Vitamins - Your doctor is your best source for identifying the amount of vitamins right for you.

 Individuals at Highest Risk for Vitamin A Toxicity

- Pregnant women who intake too much Vitamin A can put their unborn baby at risk. If you're pregnant, consult with your doctor who will determine your proper dosage.

- Seniors : Too much Vitamin A in the diet attributes to bone density problems, leading to fractures.

- Individuals with liver disease as the liver is more susceptible in its weakened state.

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