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Beta Carotene in Liver

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How much beta carotene in beef liver?

One slice of beef liver contains about 110 g's of beta carotene.

Three ounces of pan-fried beef liver [85 grams] contains 155 g's of beta carotene.

One chicken liver weighing 19.6 grams contains 6 g's of beta carotene.

Two slices of pork liver sausage [Braunschweiger] weighing 56.7 grams contains 0 beta carotene.

Although liver contains beta carotene, the fatty acid content is so rich that it doesn't make a wise choice.

For example, three ounces of pan-fried beef liver contains 324 milligrams of cholesterol. But even more concerning is the amount of Vitamin contained in liver.

Simple Recipe for Liver

This food brings up all sorts of horrid memories for me as I think back upon my childhood. It's one of the most inexpensive buys at the market - or at least it was dirt-cheap when I was a kid. Keep in mind that I was hatched in the early 1950's.

It was generally a weekly purchase by my mom as we were so poor that we couldn't even pay the time of day.

An added perk from her perspective was that my father loved liver.

Then again, there weren't any foods that he didn't like, some of his favorites being so weird - like roasted turkey tail and hog-head cheese.

Is It Steak Fingers OR Fried Liver?

On one particular evening when I was about six or seven years old, I came to the supper table and I knew by looking at the fried wonder swimming in dark gravy - exactly what the bowl contained.

My mother assured me that it was steak.

Of course, I ignored my inner light of truth and took a bite and indeed, that familiar flavor met my taste buds and my trust for my dear old mudder's words went down several notches, never to be regained.

Since that time, I cannot tolerate the flavor of this dish.

But nonetheless, a few Liver-Lovers in my family did enjoy her recipe.

She sliced it as thin as possible and dredged it with all-purpose flour, fried it in vegetable shortening and make a gravy out of the excess grease using more flour, water and milk.


Beta Carotene Content of Meat Proteins

Data Based on g & 1 Cup Raw Unless Noted

Chicken Liver, one


Chicken Giblets, 1 cup


Clam Chowder prepared with 2% milk


Turkey patties, breaded, battered, fried - one


Hamburger; single, regular patty; with condiments


Burrito, with beans and cheese


English muffin, egg, cheese, and Canadian bacon


Shrimp, breaded and fried, 6-8


Taco with beef, cheese and lettuce, hard shell


14" pizza, pepperoni topping, regular crust - 1 slice



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