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Busy Day Diet Plan
for Weight Loss, In Detail

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Lose unwanted pounds forever!

Our easy, free Busy Day Diet Plan fits easily into a busy schedule -

Feeling a bit overwhelmed between balancing your busy daily schedule and a healthy weight loss plan? If you can relate to this question, you already know that a busy schedule is a high-impact trigger where weight gain is concerned.

Those on-the-go, snatch-em-up snacks and meals not only work towards attacking your good health, they also contribute to yo-yo dieting, diet bingeing, all-day 'grazing' and yes, more weight gain.

Even so, many of us don't have time to stop and smell the Diet Roses. Although modern conveniences have made many tasks easier, there appears to be more to do in this 'advanced age' than ever before in the history of the world.

Good news for busy dieters - because Diet Bites free busy day diet plan can fit into the busiest of busy schedules with a minimal of food planning. And our busy day diet plan is so simple, there are only 10 easy diet steps.

1. Forget calorie counting, carb gram calculation, and fat gram counting.

Our weight hinges on the amount of calories (energy) that we consume each and every day in our daily diet.

If we exceed the amount of energy that our body requires, the extra energy is stored in the body's cells. However, calorie counting takes a bit of time to perfect, so it's not the ideal weight loss method for all.

Filling the daily diet with healthier options, as well as keeping a lid of servings and serving sizes can in turn, generate significant weight loss without all the Diet Math - which is what our easy, busy day diet plan sets out to accomplish.

2. The Natural Food Diet + Wise Food Choices Approach.

Enjoy foods that are closest to their natural state. Rather than banana bread, opt for a fresh banana. Rather than green bean casserole, opt for green beans.

Rather than a cookie, grab some hot air popcorn. When dining out, order meats that have been grilled rather than batter-fried wonders. Smooch-up to salads, opting for lower calorie salad dressings.

And don't be intimidated by The Big Cheese & Crouton Custard Pants.

When meals involve prepared foods, check the labels. Although typically-prepared Mexican foods tend to be extreme in calorie and fat content, many aren't and can fit nicely into a healthy daily diet.

Taco Bell's bean burrito weighs in at a trim 370 calories and is ultra filling, and absolutely delicious. Other fast-food healthier options might include a piece of Long John Silver's baked cod for 120 calories.

As most restaurants either have nutrition menus available for their diners, or place healthy heart emblems next to smart food choices, please don't hesitate to ask about the nutritional aspects of the menu before ordering.

When making homemade recipes, there are two Weight Gain Culprits to curb: fat (oil, margarine, butter, lard, shortening, etc.) and sugar (brown sugar, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, etc.).

Substituting applesauce or any form of pureed fruit for the fat can save a plethora of calories. Use of sugar substitute can hack-away those sweet sugar calories while satisfying a sweet tooth.

Protein choices such as eggs, lean meat and yes - peanut butter can assist in making the body feel satisfied for longer periods of time and are famous for their muscle-support properties. Protein can also assist the body in releasing water retention.

Another best friend to the dieter is fiber as it too can make the body feel fuller for longer periods of time as fiber takes longer for the body to digest.

Fiber in the diet can also assist in digestive health, keeping things 'running smoothly'. We recommend natural food sources for dietary fiber rather than fiber products.

Enjoy a few prunes, some pearl barley - it doesn't take more than a couple of foods to obtain the body's recommended dietary fiber. One serving of pearled barley (1/2 cup, prepared) + 5 dried pear halves = 24 fiber grams.

Not that much food, is it? Particularly when fiber supplement companies would indicate otherwise by their commercials. As a note, the body's daily dietary fiber recommendation is 20-30 grams.

3. Dieting & Healthy Snack Time.

This is a no-diet-brainer. Opt for fresh fruit, veggies, low fat yogurt, a serving of nuts or quick protein snacks such as jerky. And if you have a lot of weight to drop, consider dropping snacks until you see weight loss results.

4. Lower Calorie Beverages for Weight Loss.

Substituting water for your typical beverages may be enough on its own to pop your weight back down to size. But be certain to keep a healthy dose of skim or low fat milk in your daily diet.

In addition, if you're a Juice Head, enjoy the fruit rather than the juice. Although healthy, juice contains significantly more calories than its fresh-fruit counterpart.

5. Sticking to Single Servings for Weight Loss.

If you feel like reaching for a second serving, get up and walk away. It takes the stomach about twenty minutes to tell the brain, "I'm full". Enjoying a half-cup of water (4 ounces) before meal time can also help you feel fuller.

6. Healthy Options for Munchie Moments.

Stock your freezer with frozen fruits and veggies which can save you a plethora of calories and fat when the munchie moments descend.

A nice-sized bag of frozen veggies contains about 100 calories. Frozen fruit takes a while to eat, which is another plus as the mouth satisfies the need to chew.

Speaking of which, a couple of sticks of gum per day can also help curb those munchie moments.

7. Avoiding Sir Sodium, Mister Fat-britches & Miss Sugar-pants.

Sodium (salt) in excess can create water retention which can make a body look much heavier.

As to fat, one serving of butter contains more calories than the entire bag of frozen veggies we mentioned above. Needless to say, many times individuals put more calories on their natural foods than is contained in the foods.

So watch salt, fats and food toppings for quicker weight loss.

8. Forget the weight scales and let your clothes be the indicator of your weight loss success.

Look for looser belts, looser fitting collars, and looser fitting shoulders in your garments. These are all terrific signs of weight loss.

9. The Daily Walkabout.

No matter how busy you are, take 10-20 minutes out of your busy day for a walk. You'll not only be assisting in gaining better health, you'll also return to your work refreshed and will be able to accomplish so much more.

10. Hello Doctor.

As with any weight loss diet or weight loss reduction plan, you should always meet with your doctor before embarking. Why? There may be hidden medical conditions creating weight gain, such as an imbalance in the thyroid, diabetes or even an allergy related weight gain factor.

In addition, females will want to rule out pregnancy. Breast feeding moms should never diet without their doctor's permission,nor should individuals who are ill or who are battling certain health conditions, such as kidney disease or heart disease.

Your doctor can also assure that you are in good condition to diet.


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