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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Back off buddy! I hate exercise!

It's no secret that exercise is a great way to burn calories, which in turn can equal enhanced weight loss results. It's also no secret that 'exercise' can be a dreaded word to many in need of dropping those excess pounds.

But here is a secret that everyone may not know (well, if they do, then it wouldn't be a secret in the first place,now would it?).  

The secret is that many individuals who are considered normal weight don't like to exercise either.

Yes, it's true and it's the reason why we recommend thinking of exercise in terms of 'FUN ACTIVITY' rather than in terms of ''sweating brow" , " stinky armpits" , " grandma's beaded necklace", " breathless being" and " mommy help" .

So what is a fun activity that can help keep weight in check while raising health levels?

Whatever you really enjoy doing that gets the blood pumping, that's what. Personally speaking, we enjoy good old fashioned hiking or walking, preferably through a wild strip of woods (as long as there aren't any rabid wolves or tsetse flies buzzing about).

You know, years ago whenever I was on a diet, all I could think about was losing weight, it so-consumed me. For going on two decades, I've kept off those 100+ pounds that I lost and one of my best methods for doing such is keeping my mind occupied.

Just like everyone else, I experience cravings for certain foods, and I admit that at times it has been difficult watching other people enjoy an abundance of a particular food or meal while I've been careful to monitor my intake.

However, the end results are so rewarding!

Keeping my weight at a healthy level not only helped me beat high blood pressure, but it also helped me beat diabetes.

And although losing to the recommended weight won't perform miracles for everyone - it can sure improve most any health condition. Better yet - you'll look better while you're feeling better.

So here is an invisible toast to all of you who are working so hard to drop those extra pounds.

Please, I encourage you to stick to your weight loss plan - and to never lose vision of your weight loss dreams for I am living proof that dreams do indeed come true. The following Diet Articles may help you in dropping those unwanted pounds - forever.

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