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Beverly Hills Diet Plan Review

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Beverly Hills Diet is a Food Combining Method for Losing Weight

The cornerstone of the Beverly Hills Diet Plan is fruit, so one might say that this fad plan is a bit fruity!

Nonetheless, here's the spill on this 'combining food' method for fat loss:

First, the dieter eats papaya which according to the diet plan, softens body fat. Hum, that's even better than those 'softening hands' commercials, isn't it?

Next, pineapple burns and melts the softened fat.

The last key fruity food is watermelon which supposedly works to wash the fat out of your body.

The Fruity Promise of Fat Loss

Not only will the dieter lose unwanted fat, they will be one skinny rod on this supposedly 'healthy' diet that not only cleans out your system, but prevents disease as well. Wow! I never knew that papaya, pineapple and watermelon were so powerful, did you?

But wait a minute. What happens if these Super Fruits end up melting away some of my 'good fat', the type of fat necessary for healthy hair, skin and protecting my little vital organs?

Dangers of The Beverly Hills Diet Plan are as follows:

One food diets are the pits. They are boring, unhealthy, and can create a 'slow death' situation for the individual lured into the plan.

We do NOT recommend this plan. If you want to go to Beverly Hills, drive there - but do not embrace a diet that poses risk to your health just because it contains a catchy name.

Our Recommendations Based on Nutritional Needs of the Body

This fad plan fails to meet the requirements for a healthy body based on the recommendations of the Food Pyramid.

As far as washing away fat - the human body isn't a washing machine or a scrub board for that matter. The elements that reside within can deal with fat quite efficiently as they have since the beginning of mankind.

When outside elements enter the equation, it generally ends up bad or negatively for the body. And these negative effects are rarely free.

Let's take a deeper look into this plan, in particular - the fruits watermelon, papaya and pineapple.

Melon & Fat Loss Impact

The watermelon will assist in encouraging the body to release water than has been retained such as by carbohydrates and sodium that were consumed. It acts as a natural diuretic.

While a reduction of retained water will produce impressive results on the scales, it is not fat loss. Water weighs very heavily; one only needs to pick up a couple gallon jugs of the stuff to know such. But again, water isn't fat.

And any water that is retained by the body such as via excess sodium consumption will naturally dispel on its own - with or without the melon. In addition, drinking water rather than eating melon will produce like-results.

Pineapple Impact

There is a misconception about all varieties of citrus based fruits - from lemons to grapefruit that have been abused over the ages from being touted to produce impressive results in the area of lost pounds. If this were true, wouldn't everyone be doing the Pineapple Dance wearing their very skinny hula skirts?

And the big boy fruit is one that contains a substantial number of calories. One medium specimen contains almost 500 kcals. That tiny tin at the store - about 200 at 80 kcals per serving and three to a can.

As to the citrus powers, if these were true then all that would be needed would be Vitamin C tables which contain about 5 kcals each.

Papaya Powers

Yet another fruit than it higher in caloric values than most. One medium sized fruit contains almost 350 kcals, but again - the Vitamin C is in play at almost 500 mg per fruit.

In Summary

If you're battling your weight, you don't need a wacky plan to follow. You need one built upon the Food Pyramid - one that you can use and rely upon for good health not only today, but far into your future. So, Beverly Hillbillies - yes, this diet plan - no.


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