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Pedometer, an Effective
Inexpensive Tool for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Pedometer Counts Steps & Distance Walked

Outdoor gear can be fun to dive into - and there is so much out there these days. But the absolute 'must' in our humble opinion is a pedometer - an inexpensive device that tells how far you've walked.

Pedometers can be found at sport's centers and most super centers for under $5.00.

Oh - and while you're there, grab a pair of ankle weights.

Why so?

Because they can assist in burning just a few more calories while assisting to strengthen the leg area.

Setting Daily Fitness Goals to Support Rate of Fat Loss Success

Make it a point to set a daily goal as you walk and add on steps which in turn, add up to miles.

Start out slow and build up. For example, start with a three day testing period. First thing in the morning, strap on your pedometer.

At the end of each day, make a note of how many steps that you have taken - or how many miles you have walked. At the end of the three day period, add up the numbers and divide by three.

From this point going forward, increase your distance. Eventually, you will be able to set a daily goal for daily activity, in regards to walking.

Not only will your body benefit, but you'll also feel so much better by moving.

Regular Activity Equals a Stronger Body, Larger Healthier Bones

Other pluses may include: faster metabolism, more cooperative digestive system, stronger heart, stronger respiratory system, and more muscles which take more consumed energy (calories) to support than fat.

Let's talk some more about the ankle weights which we suggested using earlier in this fitness article.

Because you're carrying more weight you'll burn more calories. Keep in mind that it takes more calories to burn more weight.

For example, dieter Julie weighs 200 pounds at the beginning of her diet plan. She is aiming to lose 60 pounds. At the beginning of her diet plan the weight falls off smoothly.

But after she loses 20 pounds, the rate of weight loss slows. It's now taking fewer calories to support Julie's new weight.

As her weight continues to drop, her body's calorie needs will continue to decrease. At some point in Julie's diet she will need to get her calories in-line with the amount of calories necessary to support her goal weight.

Recommended weight is never set in stone. It's impacted by various factors such as gender, height, muscle mass, age, rate of metabolism and so forth.

While Julie might require 1,600 calories to support her goal weight, dieter Joan may require 1,800 calories due to her high activity levels and her additional muscle mass.


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