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The Dukan Diet Review

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Dukan Diet, a Four Step Plan

This diet was created by Dr. Pierre Dukan. The plan supports eating as much as one likes without counting calories.

Phase One: Attack

Dr. Dukan has provided a calculator to assist in setting goal weight. From this point there is a 2-7 day interval where unlimited amounts of lean protein and a daily oat bran pancake are consumed. The result? Supposedly dramatic weight loss.

Let's note that body weight is based on energy consumed. Even the unused calories from healthy foods become stored within our fat cells. We feel that any 'dramatic weight loss' is due to the pronounced amount of protein in the daily diet. Proteins encourage water to be released from the body. Therefore, we're seeing water weight loss rather than true fat loss.

Phase Two: Cruise

Alternating lean proteins and vegetables are the main course until healthy weight is achieved. Proteins must be prepared without adding fats [butter, margarine, cooking oils].

The health issue posed is a lack of carbohydrates which serve to fuel the body with energy.

As to the excessive consumption of proteins, even the lean animal proteins contain significant cholesterol and other hidden fatty acids which can impact heart and circulatory health.

Phase Three: Consolidation

A five-day period based on pounds lost. During this phase, foods are reintroduced such as cheese and bread. There are also two weekly celebration meals allowed, supposedly to stave off boredom.

Phase Four: Stabilization

This phase involves weight maintenance. Dieters can enjoy anything they wish without fear of regaining - with one caveat. They must adhere to three unbreakable rules as well as consume solely unlimited lean proteins one day per week.

Health Risks, Side Effects of the Dukan Diet

1. May pose serious health risks for kidney, heart and diabetic patients, particularly those with hidden conditions.

2. Really? Do you want to risk your health by a plan that excludes the majority of the Food Groups?

3. The Dukan Diet is a fad plan.

4. Fast weight loss generally equals water rather than fat loss.

5. Vegetarians may find this plan....impossible.

Reports of Side Effects

1. Weight gain rather than weight loss during first phase.

2. Constipation, sluggish evacuation.

3. Onset of diabetes.

4. Intense nausea, weakness.

Our Recommendation

It's a very 'busy' plan with lots of 'do this' and 'don't do thats'. All those phases sort of had us phased out....

Bottom line - this plan does not support a healthy eating plan for the future. It's a pattern for glutting up all the proteins one desires, which in turn can pose serious health risks.

We cannot recommend this plan. Instead, build your diet on the Food Pyramid, your daily caloric intake based on your goal weight.


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