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17 Day Diet Review

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

17 Day Plan Designed by a Doctor

This fad diet was created by Dr. Mike Moreno, designed for rapid weight loss results. But let's keep in mind that losing weight permanently isn't about dropping pounds - it's about losing body fat.

Losing Pounds Doesn't Always Equal Losing Body Fat

The 17 Day Diet is a branch off of restricted carb diets - in the footsteps of the Atkins and South Beach plans.

Anyone can drop pounds simply by cutting back on carbohydrate intake - by simply sticking to the recommended daily servings of 6 to 11 per day.

Because carbs act like a sponge in the body, they soak up liquid - which is perfectly normal. Remove too many carbohydrates and the body responds by emitting fluids via the urinary tract system.

This can pose significant challenges and health risks to the kidneys in particular - which work in conjunction with the heart.

Once carbohydrates are introduced back into the human body, those pounds quickly rebound.

The Negatives of the 17 Day Diet Plan

1. Difficult to follow and comprehend.

2. Added fluff to get through and numerous directives. First, restricted amounts of carbohydrates - then alternating carb intake, and low carb consumption again.

3. Minimal variety in menu choices, often same-foods.

4. Challenging food selections. Lemon juice and water in the morning may prove very challenging for some individuals.

Foods that may be unpopular for some individuals such as Greek Yogurt may pose issues. Eating chicken three times per week - bland at that can prove very off-putting.

5. No sugar, no white anything allowed. No fruit after two p.m. which is totally ridiculous and so 'fad diet'.

5. Fat women are discussed as well as their marriage potentials due to being overweight.

While this discussion may have been intended as 'pep talk' to motivate the overweight individual, no one should feel bad about how they look - or feel like they aren't desirable because of their weight.

That number on your bathroom scales should never determine your level of happiness.

6. Not good....

Side Effects of the 17 Day Diet

1. Intense hunger.

2. Nausea, feeling faint.

3. Intolerability to some of the foods which are directed for eating.

4. Ketosis; symptoms include fatigue, tiredness, headache, weakness, cold hands and feet, extreme thirst, sleeping disruption, and foggy headed.

3. I'll eat beef today - a lean version of a homemade hamburger. When you go to the market, look at the percentage of fat on the ground beef.

Yes - the less fatty version will be more expensive BUT it doesn't cook down and because of such, the price would be about the same as the cheaper cut of beef.

Once home, measure out four ounces of meat and shape it into a patty. Use a bit of zero calorie cooking spray if the meat tries to stick. If you wish - you can prepare your hamburger patty on the grill.

Once it is fully done, remove and place onto a small whole grain bun (toast if you wish); if you like cheeseburgers - then add a slice of reduced fat cheese.

Also add lots of vegetables - lettuce, sliced onion, picklesand tomatoes. Opt for mustard over Mayo. Add a dash of catsup if you wish.

Our Recommendation

The 17 day diet doesn't establish a lifetime pattern for healthy eating, bearing down hard upon carbohydrates. Keep in mind that carbs are the building block - the virtual foundation of the American Food Pyramid. More servings are required from the Grain Group than from any other.

The potential health risks associated with this plan are concerning. If you are considering this diet, we strongly recommend that you visit with your doctor and ask that you be monitored during the seventeen days.

If you don't see a doctor  before starting this plan, and if you have a hidden health condition - such as heart, kidney or diabetic issues, you may be seeing your doctor in the ER....


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