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1 Week Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

One Week Diet Plan

Make up a healthy fad dietary plan that's all your own. This will assist in keeping you motivated.You can use the following free plan as an example pattern for losing the fat and moving towards a healthier you!

And below you will find our quick review of the Grapefruit Diet Plan - so you can compare the healthy & unhealthy differences.

Monday's Menu, Tips

I'll eat beef today - a lean version of a homemade hamburger. When you go to the market, look at the percentage of fat on the ground beef.

Yes - the less fatty version will be more expensive BUT it doesn't cook down and because of such, the price would be about the same as the cheaper cut of beef.

Once home, measure out four ounces of meat and shape it into a patty. Use a bit of zero calorie cooking spray if the meat tries to stick. If you wish - you can prepare your hamburger patty on the grill.

Once it is fully done, remove and place onto a small whole grain bun (toast if you wish); if you like cheeseburgers - then add a slice of reduced fat cheese. Also add lots of vegetables - lettuce, sliced onion, picklesand tomatoes. Opt for mustard over Mayo. Add a dash of catsup if you wish.

Tuesday Menu

It's chicken today; prepare a skinless breast or your favorite pick of the chick either on the stove top via pan roasting or on the grill.

You can also prepare in the oven or use any other method which doesn't require the addition of batters, dips or oils.

Wednesday Menu

Your recipe should be as simple as possible - just add a shake or two of salt and cracked black pepper amid the cooking process. Enjoy with fresh vegetables and a side of steamed rice.

I'll eat salad with protein today. You know the basics; a green bed. Now fill up the salad bowl to the top with a selection of colorful vegetables, lean proteins and dried or fresh fruits. Add hulled seeds or nuts if you wish and drizzle with a low fat dressing.

Thursday Menu

I'll enjoy Italian, the lean way. There is nothing shameful with a cup of cooked pasta topped with a serving of your favorite marinara or spaghetti sauce.

Also add 1 to 2 cups of your favorite sauteed vegetables to the sauce. The veggies add a burst of health while working as extenders to the recipe. A fuller tummy is a happy one. Also add a serving of whole grain bread to your meal.

Friday Menu

Cha Cha - I'm enjoying Mexican!If you don't feel like cooking, there are so many reduced calorie options to be found in the freezer section at your local market.

Look for those containing 350 to 400 calories per entree; add two corn tortillas to your meal that have been heated or steamed.

Add a low calorie beverage to your meal. This is fine dining for sure!

Saturday Menu

Time for soup! Whether it's from a can or homemade, soup makes an excellent option as it's hearty, filling and is generally minimal in caloric content.

For a quick homemade potato soup, cook a potato in your microwave. It will only take a few minutes; remove and take off the peeling - or you can leave it on if you wish.

Mash or run through a ricer;add 1/2 cup of reduced fat milk, a spoon of light margarine, salt and cracked pepper.

Sunday Menu

An afternoon hike and perhaps a game of volleyball with friends will keep your energy level in tip-top shape. As to meal time, let's look at some fantastic sandwich options.

While losing pounds it's always a great idea to keep a stock of boiled eggs at hand; they can be mashed in a flash to create an awesome salad. Just mash a couple and add light Miracle Whip, a shot of mustard and a spoon of pickle relish.

Enjoy on your favorite whole grain source - such as rye bread or stuffed into a pita pocket.

Or, enjoy a lean ham and reduced fat cheese sandwich stuffed with lots of fresh veggies. Use mustard as your spread. And for a delightful change, opt for a small toasted bagel rather than traditional white bread. It's mighty tasty! Healthy too!

To see the difference between a healthy diet & a fad one - just look at our following example....

Review of The Grapefruit Diet

Is The Grapefruit Diet Plan an Effective Mode for Weight Loss?

Lose ten pounds in twelve days is The Grapefruit Diet Plan's pitch. That's a mighty tall order, particularly given the fact that the recommended 'safe' rate of weight loss is two pounds per week.

So is it impossible to lose ten pounds in twelve days? That depends upon the individual's current weight. A person who only needs to lose ten pounds will have great difficultly meeting this weight loss goal whereas an individual who has 150 pounds to lose may have no issue in doing such.

How Does The Grapefruit Diet Plan Work?

The Grapefruit Diet is intended to work as a jumpstart for weight loss. But that jumpstart could easily turn into a jumpstart to a heart condition OR a jumpstart to an unsuccessful diet.  And have you ever met anyone who has achieved LONG-TERM weight loss success using this risky diet plan?


Whenever 'grapefruit' is mentioned below, the dieter has the choice of eating 1/2 a grapefruit or drinking 8 ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice.

Breakfast:  grapefruit +  2 eggs prepared any way you choose + 2 slices of bacon

Lunch:  grapefruit +  salad with the dressing of your choice + all the meat you want

Dinner:  grapefruit + salad with the dressing of your choice OR a red or green veggie prepared with butter/spices + meat or fish + 1 cup of coffee or tea

1 cup of skim milk

In Summary

Unless you go totally a-i-p at lunch and clean the local butcher out of business, the Grapefruit Diet is ultra low in calories - so low that it is insufficient in meeting the body's nutritional needs.

In addition the diet plan is extremely boring, leaving the dieter trembling with hunger pains rather than trembling with joy over sheer weight loss.

In addition, because caloric count is so low the metabolism slows to the point of lock-down. Add an activity plan to The Grapefruit Diet is dangerous and challenging as the body lacks energy.

Our advice? Skip those citrus mouth ulcers and stick with common sense - a diet packed with nutrition!


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