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Weight Loss - Hello Cupcake

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we shall die.  Quote Source(American)

Avoiding Calories in Favorite Foods for Success, Even Cupcakes

You're on a diet - sailing right along without any issues. Before you know it, a few pounds drop off.

Then out of the blue - a familiar 'friend' sails into the water to tempt you. It may be a strip of bacon. It may be a boat-load of gravy. It may even be an entire holiday dinner - or as simple as a box of Valentine's chocolate or a basket filled with candy eggs.

And yes, it may even be a cupcake. You should be further concerned in a bunny named Harvey is holding the cupcake.

Tempting Food Favorites Make Dieting Challenging

Fact is - here it is....a favorite food tempting you to swim nearer so that the two of you can play awhile. No harm will be done - just a few lingering minutes of freedom.

And then you think....freedom. Who need a crummy diet plan? After all, you've missed your dear favorite food friends, dearly.

Then just before you surrender and float aimlessly into the black hole, you come to your senses and sail away - into the Sea of Weight Loss. And just over the horizon - you see it!

The Weight Loss Finish Line which you cross with a smile etched onto your beautiful, thinner face. Yes indeed, life's a beach.

From this point forward you must proceed with caution as there are sharks adrift in the short distance, culling together to formulate a plan that will tempt you back into the waters. Once there, you'll be lost amid snack time.

Diet Tips for Weight Maintenance & to Stop Weight Gain

Once your diet has ended, keep your daily diet filled with healthy items going forward. While you can enjoy old food favorites to your daily diet, proceed carefully and don't blow off your life preserver. Weight gain can do that to a perfectly good trim body.

Calories Govern Body Weight, Almost No Food Source is Truly 'Free' of Energy Values [kcals]

Nothing is free when it comes to calories and weight. Even a cucumber with its teensy calories will be stored in the fat cells if the body exceeds its calories needs for the day.

Fast Food Leads to Weight Gain More Often Than Not

After the diet has ended many a dieter has walked the plank and has fallen into the Dead Sea of Fast Food Calories & Fat Grams. It's a very large sea, you see.

Therefore, never assume the calorie content of fast food menu choices. Even when it comes to French fries - not all are created equally, much less burgers and hot wings.

Activity Fights Weight Gain & Can Even Burn Off Those Cupcake Calories

Keep up your activity schedule. When a daily diet becomes too lax, activity can help hunk-up the metabolism and strengthen muscles, and yes - burn a few extra calories.

However, never assume that any amount of exercise is powerful enough to burn up 10 slices of raspberry cheesecake dipped in chocolate in one day.

Healthy Food Choices Matter

Learn to love healthy foods, not because they helped you lose weight rather because they make you feel good, look good and at times, even smell good.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Some savvy weight loss tips to help get you through the day:

- Although it is easy to eat like there is no tomorrow, for most people, tomorrow really does come.

- Rather than eating like there is no tomorrow, perhaps it is wisest when it comes to health matters to plan what we are going to eat, drink and be merry about tomorrow. 

- 'Long life, healthy life to you, my friend!' This quote evokes thoughts of happy holidays and special occasions.  Eating, drinking and making merriment are generally considered taboo to the diet process - overindulgence in particular, but on the other hand, what fun is life when you can't even cut loose now and then? 

- Yes, many of us cut loose more frequently than others do, but when our cutting loose is occasional, it can be a very healthy thing.

- Many times, food is associated with happiness because it is generally the centerpiece at the events we so-love in life. 

- In the real world, we may try to capture this happy feeling through food, but it's important to our overall health to not become trapped inside of the Fiesta Burrito, and to recognize that we can still be extremely happy without stuffing ourselves to the Eyeball Explosion stage.

As in all things that are weight related, the difference between success and failure is exercising our good sense. While we can't enjoy a box of donuts one day and an entire chocolate cake the next, we can enjoy an occasional donut and an occasional piece of cake. Chocolate even.

It's important to keep in mind that weight loss takes time and it takes patience. So many times the dieter drops all the unwanted weight then goes wild with their newfound slimmer shape, piling in the goodies like there is no tomorrow. Slowly, they get lax and if they don't control their appetite they can regain all the lost weight and then some.

Other times dieters will lose close to their goal weight and quit their diet as boredom settles in - or they discard their diet when they decide they can live with a size that's slightly more than what they'd aimed for. But no matter how the diet ends - whether the dieter falls off the Diet Wagon, whether the diet is successful or whether the dieter stops short of their goals it's important not to pile more weight onto current weight.

This doesn't mean that the individual has to starve - or that they can't enjoy treats and favorite foods. It does mean that they can't eat, drink and be merry to the max - that they must eat, drink and be merry wisely. Rather than going overboard with fried chicken, potato salad and banana pudding, opting for grilled or roasted chicken, a small baked potato and a fresh banana makes for healthier choices and a leaner body.

EAT a healthy diet, DRINK healthy hydrating beverages, so that tomorrow that DIET may go on to live another day.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that it's very easy to gain weight. Losing weight is an entirely different animal. It's like a mouse vs a lion. The lion will always win. Respect and understanding goes a long 'weigh' in assuring that the lost weight is buried and that's one treasure chest that you never want to dig up again, right?


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