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Exercise Back Injury

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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

When Exercise is Painful, Tips to Limit or Rid Pain During Exercise

Although exercise can assist in strengthening the back, it can also cause painful damage. The older the individual, the higher the risk. But it doesn't stop here. The overweight individual is at a higher risk for back injury during activity.

Many individuals have a misconception of an overweight individual's lifting ability. Many think that just because someone is overweight, it means they can lift more weight. They think the overweight individual is 'stronger'.

Numerous on-the-job incidents in which the back becomes injured, this misconception plays a contributing factor when the overweight individual ends up lifting more weight than their body is capable of lifting.

Take Jill, a 5' tall lady who has a very small body frame. Jill is also young and about 75 pounds overweight. Her co-worker Jacqueline is 5' tall with a small body frame but is at her recommended weight. She's also into weight lifting.

When it's time for something to be lifted at work the boss always orders Jill to the task as she appears much larger and stronger.

In actuality, because Jill's body frame is currently supporting more than 75 pounds its intended capacity, Jill is not the best candidate for the job and could actually do permanent damage to her back, knees and other areas of her body by lifting.

Simply put, just because Jill appears larger than Jacqueline, she'snot necessarily stronger. Those extra pounds present an incorrect perception.

The Health Risks Involved

So let's get this straight.

Possible Lifetime Health Consequences

- Back injuries can be extremely painful and serious with life-long health consequences.

Overweight Doesn't Equal Stronger Body

- Just because an individual is over weight doesn't mean they are stronger.

In fact, those extra pounds they are carrying are enough to add an additional strain on the back - and the Strain Factor is increased when lifting occurs. 

Therefore, when in doubt - don't lift beyond your capabilities. No job on earth is worth a life-time of back pain.

Excess Body Weight Puts a Strain on the Back Muscles & Spine

- If you often experience back pain unrelated to lifting, one of the best methods to decrease or eliminate back pain is to drop those extra pounds. In the case of 'too much weight on the skeletal frame', those extra pounds equal extra pressure. Pressure equals pain.

Back Pain Related to Other Health Conditions

- Back pain may also be due to the cycle in women. Losing weight can assist in alleviating pain, creating less pressure in the abdominal area. Another plus is that cycles may get lighter in flow and shorter.

- If back pain is not related to lifting, it may be associated with the kidneys which will require a trip to your favorite professional.

Eating Cherries May Alleviate Pain Before Exercising

- Studies have shown that eating cherries before engaging in activity may ease muscle pain (including back pain).

In Summary

Can dropping all the excess weight mean that an individual will be totally free of back pain? Unfortunately no - but the positive results can be impressive. And again - never lift anymore weight than you feel comfortable in handling.


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