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Apples for Weight Loss, Including Easy Bread Pudding Recipe

Written by Diet Bites


An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Remember that age-old saying, "An apple a day will keep the doctor away?" It certainly didn't keep Adam away, did it? Then again, it was all that rotten snake's fault, right?

Nonetheless, these powerful red bullets of nutrition have the power to accomplish just that and opting for one over sugary snacks, desserts and treats can translate to a stronger, healthier body.

Easily Transportable Fruit

Another wonderful trait for these beauties is that they travel so easily. Whether one is hiking or out for a day of shooting hoops, meeting an attractive hunk actor for an on-the-ground-picnic lunch or if one is in need of an object to shoot off of someone's head, apples fit perfectly into a purse, gym bag, or even a pocket. And yes, even on top of a head.

Fun Facts About Apples

Speaking of which, have you ever heard or seen an apple-head doll? In the olden days of history before plastic and other groovy chemicals were discovered, dolls were handmade and often this super fruit was used as the head. When the kid left the doll outside, she (or he) were indeed lucky if the crows didn't fly away with it.

Another fun story involving this fruit is the game of using a paring knife and removing the entire peel without breaking it. For you older dieters, you may remember an Andy Griffith story that contained this theme; an overworked political figure came to Mayberry and couldn't sit still.

He was stressed, overworked, cranky and probably constipated. That will certainly make a body cranky. Nonetheless, after being around Aunt Bea, Andy and good old Barney, he rediscovered relaxation.

At the end of the story, the guy is sitting on the front porch in a rocker and when Andy asks him a question it's to find the visitor asleep, his hand containing an apple which the man had managed to peel without breaking.


Apples, Lean in Calories

- 1 cup of quartered or cubed with skin contains 65

- 1 cup of sliced contains 57

- 1 extra small contains 53

- 1 small contains 77

- 1 medium contains 95

- 1 large contains 116

Low Calorie Diet Recipe Containing Apples: Easy Bread Pudding

You can prepare our quick bread pudding using this super fruit, and your favorite variety will work great.

Start by pinching a slice or serving of whole grain bread into a bowl that is microwave-safe. Add a layer of finely chopped apple to the bread. You can either leave the skin on or remove it as you please.

Add a dash of ground cinnamon to the bread mixture. Next, spray a thin coat onto the mixture using zero calorie butter spray; if you don't like this ingredient then melt reduced fat margarine and use as a substitute.

Top off the mixture by adding 1/2 cup of low fat or skim milk.

Pop into the microwave. Cooking time will vary depending upon the speed of your microwave. My old microwave would cook the bread pudding in 3 minutes. My new one is very tiny so it takes about 5 minutes. The bread pudding is done when the fruit is tender. It's mighty good eating for only a few kcals!

When I prepare a single serving I use 1/2 of a small fruit - and it can be any fruit that you like. So that's 40 calories. The skim milk is an additional 45 kcals. The bread is 70 calories unless a diet version is used - then it would be about 35 kcals. The ground cinnamon is calorie free. That makes the total for our serving of bread pudding about 155 kcals. What a diet deal, eh?

Add dark or light brown sugar for more sweetness and just a few more calories OR use sugar substitute for zero values.

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