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Which Diet Plan Works

Written by Diet Bites


So Many Plans, Where to Begin?

Remember the last time you were outdoors on a hot and windy day. At times, you may have considered that you'd be blown off the face of the map as the gusts pummeled against your back.

But of course - you're still here! And so are a lot of diet plans and supplements. More than ever before.

It's enough to give a dieter a headache. Which one should I choose to lose weight? Which one should I choose to lose (literally)?

Which Plan Works Best to Meet Personal Needs?

Which diet plan works faster? And is this weight loss plan or supplement safe?

Sure, I want to ditch these pesky pounds - but I still want to be standing when the ball game ends.

The dieter sways to the left, then sways to the right - then to the left again. Talk about dizzy! Even Tommy Roe can't help at this point.

So keeping these thoughts in mind it's important - NO, it's vital to your good health that you perform an intense review of any diet or weight loss plan OR supplement that you are considering using to accomplish weight loss success.

Is This Weight Loss Supplement Legitimate?

If you're considering an other the counter weight loss miracle pill or supplement - please don't until you speak with your doctor. Some cause the heart rate to excel so fast that your chest feels like it's beating a wild war dance that's never going to end. You may shake so bad that even your belt won't hold your clothes in place. And talk about dizziness - nausea.

And please don't get blown away by the pretty photos. Many 'before and after weight loss photos' can actually be a hoot. The power of 'Foto Chop' is alive an well.

The Best Diet - The Absolute Proven Best Mode for Losing Weight Permanently

Think of a shape. That's right....a triangle. Remind you of something? Rings a bell? If not, we're thinking about the official Food Pyramid - you know the one; it contains those five healthy Food Groups with recommended servings housed within.

Let's take a quick peek at the current healthy recommendations - for weight loss as well as weight maintenance:


The Five Essential Food Groups

Grain Group: 6 to 11 servings. Examples include a slice of whole grain bread, one flour tortilla or one cup of prepared rice.

Fruit Group: 2 to 4 servings. Reach for the natural fruit selections. If you're purchasing juice, buy only the 100% fruit juice.

Vegetable Group: 3 to 5 servings. About 1 cup of prepared vegetables equals a serving size OR 1 small potato.

Protein Group: 2 to 3 servings. Based on all those advertisements that we see these days, they'd have us believe that our body requires far more protein. Needless to say, the ads are hugely overblown.

Fact is, too much protein in the daily diet can be damaging to the heart and kidneys. Protein encourages fluid loss which can swiftly deplete the body of those precious, life-saving fluids - creating an imbalance which can be life-threatening. All of this hype - just so manufacturers can sell their products - at the expense of the public's good health.

While protein can serve to curb appetite longer, too much can produce adverse effects.

Dairy Group: 2-3 servings. Again, we hear about all those calcium benefits and it appears to be added to almost everything that we purchase at the market unless we are purchasing a natural food. Keep in mind that calcium is one of the three vital electrolytes which govern - or balance our body fluids which contain precious life-saving vitamins and minerals. Too much calcium may serve to create an imbalance.

If you're looking to build stronger bones, doing such through exercise is best. Exercise strengthens bones by making them larger, more dense and stronger, thus enabling them to stave-off injury without easily breaking.

About Commercial Products & Empty Promises

Next time you see a commercial for a weight loss product that shows before and after results, if the participants had less than 35 pounds to lose - look closely at those 'after' photos. Is the participant merely pooching-out their gut? Is the angle of the shot different?

An old photographer's trick (personally speaking here as I'm an old photographer myself) is using body placements which can make the body appear slimmer- as well as darker colors on the subject as well as background enhancements.

Take note of what the participant is wearing in the before and after photos as well as those background shots. Dark clothing enhances thin while white blows the body's size to new proportions.

And of course, there are a good deal of helpful weight loss supplements and products on the market these days that are safe and that can help the dieter achieve weight loss success.

The downside is that it takes a lot of trial and error before the dieter finds the product that works best for their particular situation. That's just another reason to reach out and touch your doctor for advice. Take him an apple on your visit. It will be greatly appreciated, I'm sure. And your bill might be just a bit cheaper.

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