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Lose Weight Safely & Effectively

Written by Diet Bites


The Body Delicate, Losing Fat Safely Without Serious Side Effects

The body is an extremely delicate creation, and it's far easier to push it over it's capabilities than most people realize. Even if you are overweight - including vastly overweight, your body is a delicate instrument. It only takes the most simple of errors to create disastrous effects.

The Total Body Impact of Restricted Calorie Diets

When attempting weight loss, the dieter may restrict food intake to dangerous levels.

Sure, the body pulls energy stored in the fat cells to keep it going, but in turn the vital organs as well as the muscles within the body are negatively impacted. And it's important to keep in mind that the most vital organ in the body is a muscle - the heart of the matter.

Too few calories also spells a recipe for a slowed-down metabolism as it shifts into salvation mode. The metabolism hasn't an inkling that the individual is purposely restricting calories. Therefore, when attempting weight loss - please do so with the utmost care and consider the delicate nature and structure of your body when doing such. We only have one life, one body.

How to Safely Diet, Our Simple Plan for a Healthier You

1. Healthy Food Groups

Choose a diet that's based on the healthy food groups. Avoid going back for seconds. You can read extensive information on this topic in this Diet Bites article: Which Diet Plan Works

2. Three Healthy Meals Per Day Plus Two Snacks

Enjoy three well-rounded meals per day plus a couple of snacks. On the other hand, cutting out snacks completely can also assist in dropping unwanted pounds. The key is 'listening to' your appetite. If you find that you are famished by the time that your next scheduled meal arrives, you'll most likely be best by making snacks part of your fat reduction plan. When we reach a point of feeling like we're being deprived or starved, we often look to those less stressful times in our life when we were most content - most happy and comfortable. That equals our former eating plan filled with all of the foods that we love - and as much of it as we want to eat.


Therefore, by incorporating snacks into your daily eating plan, you reduce the risk of getting off your diet and going into Binge Mode. The vast majority of weight loss plans end in binge. If you pause to think about this, your former plans probably experienced the same demise.

3. Moderate Exercise

Incorporate activity and exercise into your diet plan and balance activity with relaxation. We're the only website that we're aware of that emphasizes the importance of balancing exercise with relaxation. People like to preach the following, "If you want to lose the fat, then you must go, go, go - exercise until you drop." Frankly, we'd rather shop until we drop, but our Model-T pocketbook doesn't allow for much shopping these days.

Fact is, if you skimp on rest and add too much activity to your plan, you're only going to burn out. You'll soon be crawling back to that comfortable former diet. After all, it's more fun to sit in an easy chair and watch a good movie than it is to walk a mile in a Dieter's shoes.

4. Whole Grains, Reduced Fat, Lean Proteins for Safe Weight Loss

Choose carbohydrates wisely, opting for whole grain goodness. As to dairy products, go skim or low fat when possible. For meat proteins, trim away all visible fat and skin. Better yet, reach for vegetable proteins that aren't associated with heart disease like the animal-based proteins. Beans, nuts, seeds - and nut butters; all make healthy choices.

5. Sauces, Gravy, Creamy Foods

Be smart and choose wisely when it comes to battered food, sauces, gravies, cheese, ice cream, salad dressings, Mayo, cream cheese, sour cream, butter, margarine and yogurt. One of our best tips at Diet Bites is to avoid soft foods while dieting. Most are packed with calories and fat grams. And when foods are crunchy or challenging to eat, they can serve to satisfy our chewing urges - and needs.

6. Losing Excess Body Fat Successfully Requires the Following Trinity: Willpower, Motivation & Patience

Therefore, exercise patience while losing weight. It takes time to lose weight safely. If weight is lost quickly, it's highly apt to be regained after the diet has ended - along with added pounds. And who wants that?

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