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Colorful Diet, Including
Review of One Good Meal Fad Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Colorful Foods With Healthy Benefits for Your Diet Plan

Adding color to the diet adds interest and is more appealing to the eyes and tummy.

The color red sparks visions of so many tasty and healthy foods that can assist in peeling off those unwanted pounds. Here is our short list in no particular order:

Tomatoes, Antioxidant Benefits

Tomatoes are packed with a healthy dose of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant which combats free radicals.

And tomatoes are so versatile. Scoop out the seeds and pack your tomato with skim-based cottage cheese or light tuna salad. Of if you like chicken, that works well too.

Beets, Low in Calories & a Natural Diuretic

Try pickling them with a bit of vinegar and Splenda. Delicious and so low in calories. Beets will also help rid the body of water weight gain caused by excessive sodium intake.

Apples, Natural Food for Fighting Water Retention, Dietary Fiber Benefits

A small apple contains about 80 calories and is bulked with fiber which will help keep you feeling full for a long while to come. Apples also help rid the body of water weight gain.

Foods To Avoid While Attempting Fat Loss

Mayo, Extreme in Lipid Content

White globs of no-nothing nutrition and a plethora of cholesterol milligrams. One Tablespoon of regular Mayo contains 60 calories 3.51 carbohydrate grams and 4 milligrams of cholesterol.

Take note that its commonly used freely rather than measured out, with individuals consuming three times or more Mayo at one sitting, thus tripling calories and cholesterol milligrams.

Fast food Mayo adds significant calories to menu entrees. McDonald's Big 'N Tasty burger without Mayo contains 419 calories, about 20 grams of total fat, 38 total carbohydrates and 68 milligrams of cholesterol.

With Mayo the Big 'N Tasty contains 524 calories, about 32 total fat grams, 38.50 carbohydrate grams and 77 milligrams of cholesterol.

The addition of Mayo adds 105 calories. For that you can enjoy 2 cups of delicious whole strawberries or 2 cups of any variety of melon - with calories left over, enough calories to add a couple of apricots or a fresh plum.

As to Mayo calories and fat grams, when cups of Mayo are added to recipes the counts increase.

One cup of regular Mayo contains 916 calories, 56 carbohydrate grams, 78.5 total fat grams and 61 milligrams of cholesterol. When making potato salad, slaw or macaroni it's best to use a reduced fat version of your favorite Mayo.

Mustard, a Splash of Sunshine for Good Health

A better diet choice would be to choose a dab of sunshine (mustard) over Mayo - a very smart 'Diet Move'.

However, where light and reduced fat and even fat free products are involved, many times the calorie and fat content are definitely worth the trade off, especially if they taste yum.

Salad Dressings, Packed With Fat

We all seem to like to visit 'the Ranch' these days and its fully stocked with calories and fat grams. Gun belts have to be a little larger when we over-indulge at the Ranch.

Butter, Not for "Butter" Health

It's yellow, it's beautiful and it's mined with fat grams and fat calories. After all, butter and margarine are pure fat.

One cup of butter contains 1,628 calories, 184 total fat grams, 488 mg of cholesterol, and 116 grams of the total fat grams are in the form of saturated fat. When it comes to the yellow sunshine, it's best for your good health to opt for light  or fat reduced margarine.

Cream Cheese, So High in Fat It's Excluded From the Food Groups

White and can be used for stuffing healthy vegetables. Unfortunately, when we eat these delectables we're also stuffing our bodies with lots of fat grams and calories.

Seriously, I don't like the taste of reduced fat cream cheese, and particularly fat free cream cheese. So I shop for whipped cream cheese which contains less fat grams and calories.

Sour Cream, Pays to Measure Out Servings - As High in Calories As Many Margarines

Another food in our white section. Although reduced fat and zero fat sour creams will save calories and fat grams, I don't like the taste of this diet dairy product either.

Full-blown sour cream contains 40 calories whereas regular contains only 20 calories more - a total of 60 calories. I go for the gold and measure out my serving size so that I won't fall Diet Overboard.

Spices Make Your Diet Shine

Experiment with seasonings, extracts, as well as vinegar, fresh fruits and clear broths. With a little effort, you just may create a Diet Sensation.

Diet Tip: Grape Nuts cereal substitute well for real nuts in most recipes for lower fat gram content.

Review of One Good Meal Diet Plan - One of the worse fad diets related to good health....

Is The One Good Meal Diet Plan an Effective Mode for Weight Loss?

Compare the above healthy suggestions with this plant & you'll instantly see the difference in a fad diet and a healthy one.

The One Good Meal Diet Plan is exactly what is says because there is only one good meal in the entire week of the diet - which is Day 7, and only because it allows the dieter to choose up to 500 calories.  

That's not enough calories to insert the vitamins and nutrients required by the body for energy and optimum health.

In addition, the menu is very disturbing - very limited in calories, nutrition - and very dangerous. We cannot recommend anyone going on this extreme fad diet.

The following is a capsule of the One Good Meal Diet Plan to illustrate its potential dangers due to the restriction of calories.

Menu Day 1 - Total: 900 calories

Breakfast: Coffee
2 eggs + 1 tomato
7 Ounces of RED meat + a green salad.

Menu Day 2  - Total: 1,200 calories

Breakfast: Coffee + toast OR cracker
7 Ounces of RED meat + green salad
5 1/4 Ounces of ham + 1 cup of yogurt

Menu Day 3  - Total: 600 calories

Breakfast: Coffee + toast OR cracker
Green salad + 1 tomato + 1 mandarin orange OR regular orange
3.5 Ounces of ham + fruit salad + 2 eggs

Menu Day 4 - Total: 900 calories

Breakfast: Coffee + toast OR cracker
5 1/4 Ounces of Gruyere cheese + 1 egg + 1 carrot
Fruit salad + 1 Yogurt
*Gruyere cheese contains 116 calories per ounce.

Menu Day 5  - Total: 1,200 calories

Breakfast: 5 1/4 Ounces of ham + 1 cup of carrots
7 Ounces of broiled fish + 1 tomato
8 3/4 Ounces of RED meat

Menu Day 6  - Total: 500 calories

Breakfast: Coffee + toast OR cracker
1/4 Baked Chicken + 1 citrus fruit
2 Eggs + 1 cup raw carrot

Menu Day 7  - Total: 1,300 calories

Breakfast: Coffee + toast OR cracker
7 Ounces of RED meat + 1 citrus fruit
Anything you like up to 500 calories (WOW, an entire Pop Tart)!

The One Good Meal Diet Plan is greatly lacking in all Food Groups except the Protein Group - and there is too much Protein Cow Bell in the plan.

While protein can assist the dieter in feeling full for longer periods of time and assist in building muscle (which takes more calories to support than fat)  - a daily diet this amp-ed in protein can be seriously dangerous for individuals with kidney or heart disease, and may even cause death.

Protein not only builds muscle, it encourages the body to expel water.

Too much and the body becomes imbalanced, the electrolytes out of sync and the body surrenders to serious health issues.

Your doctor can outline the serious health risks associated with this diet and should be consulted if you are even considering this fad diet plan for weight loss.


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