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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

There's always time for good health!

The Corporate Diet Planner for Busy Executives

The good thing about being an Executive is that you call the cards.

The problem is, sometimes you're playing bridge, and sometimes you're playing 'Go Fish' when it comes to the decision-making authority where meal times are concerned.

With events, meetings, seminars and luncheons, food is everywhere - and not JUST GOOD - rather GREAT GOURMET FOOD. Who can resist that? Mr. Grant can't.

Typical Daily Diet of Executive, Mr. Grant

Breakfast Meal

Mr. Grant meets with senior staff members to celebrate profits.

His assistant has ordered gourmet muffins the size of Farmer Brown's mangos, bagels the size of Farmer Brown's tractor tires, cheese Danish the size of Farmer Brown's wife's head-bun, tubs of cream cheese, and a small tray of exotic fruit that Mr. Grant istotally unfamiliar with.

He gives a thumb's up to his assistant who is waiting with baited breath in a nearby corner to catch her boss' reaction.

To her beaming smile, Mr. Grant seizes the largest cheese Danish he can grasp.

Mid-Morning Snack

The marketing department surprises Mr. Grant with a giant chocolate cake in honor of the Profit Celebration process.

Devil's food surrounded by a decadent chocolate cream cheese icing and stuffed with chocolate whipping cream. Mr. Grant's favorite! He enjoys a giant slice of the cake.

Lunch Menu

Mr. Grant feels a bit wiry for some reason and for a brief second, fears he may be coming down with something.

His peers are sitting around him at the luncheon that has been given to honor Ms. Kumquat - an retiring employee who has been with the company for 35 years.

Celebration Mood rekindles Mr. Grant's spirit and he smiles at the waitress as she sits the Porterhouse Steak plate in front of him.

Oh my, this is going to set well with that cherry cheesecake that I ordered for dessert, Mr. Grant loosely decides.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Mid Afternoon Snack - More cake from the Logistics Department.

After Work Time - Friends and college buddies meet with Mr. Grant at the local pub to help celebrate his success. Four beers and a bowl of nuts later, and Mr. Grant hails a taxi home to prepare for dinner with his senior executives.

Dinner Menu

No celebration this time - just back to the bricks with a dinner and his senior executives.

The stress of the day settles in but is relaxed by the buffet of caviar, lasagna, garlic bread, fire-oven pizza, salad, more tiramisu and the mewling whine of a lone violin. More booze tops off the meeting.

For those of us who aren't executives - this is reason to be thankful (as long as we don't run out for the nearest celebration hall).

So what went so terribly wrong with Mr. Grant's diet?

There are some very healthy choices mentioned above.

Ineffective, or Omitting Meal Planning Increases Risk for Weight Gain

The chief problem is that Mr. Grant is 'chief'. No time for lackadaisical decisions, such as meal planning. For one, he doesn't know what items will be available.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips & Solutions for Corporate Executives

Mr. Grant can correct this Food War Wagon Headed For A Massive Coronary by doing the following:

Embracing Healthier Food Choices, Particularly Natural Selections

1. The ability to pinpoint healthy foods.

2. When in doubt, reach for natural foods, such as fruit and raw veggies.

Slow Down When Eating or Drinking; Enjoy Your Food

Both of the above tips will aid in digestion.

3. Don't feel obligated to chow down 'Surprise Time' goodies.

Tell Your Staff What You Prefer to Eat, Thus Setting a Healthier Trend for the Office

4. Get the word out that a current favorite food is something like, "Fresh strawberries." Choose something low in fat, low in calories, and something that can be eaten again and again. Who knows - you may positively impact an employee's life.

More Strategic Meeting Planning: Spaces that offer activity opportunity over eating opportunity.

5. Plan executive meetings at a health spa or golf club rather than dining at DeVinci's Italian restaurant. The company may even save big bucks - both on the immediate function and in healthcare costs for senior executives.

Limit Those Unhealthy Food Choices Containing Empty Calories to Avoid Cravings

6. Be able to separate 'Sugar Anxiety' from true warning signals the body sets off in times of impending illness. Mr. Grant experienced a True Sugar Overload at Ms. Kumquat's celebration extravaganza.

Rest & Relaxation Make the Nutrition Circle Complete

7. Wedge some private time into every day living. All work and no play makes Mr. Grant a very unhealthy boy.


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