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Exercise Tips of the Day

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Preparing the Body for Activity

If you haven't headed out into the Wild Blue Yonder in quite some time for a little exercise, think before you leap. (Oh how quickly we forget the most basic of things.)

Tips that will prepare your mind, body and spirit for exercise:

Insects & Bugs

- Remember to smatter on some insect repellent if you're going to be sharing space with pesky mosquitoes. In the south we refer to ours as 'Skeeterzillas'. And they are significant in size in the east, too.

When we visited Arcadia National Park I saw one that was about the size of a Pterodactyl. It could have carried me away and had a nice snack if it had wished to do that.

While we're making light of the matter, many insects can present significant health risks including encephalitis which impacts the brain as well as lyme disease.

While the human body is equipped with tiny hairs that assist in notifying us when a tiny intruder invades, some are too small to trigger our natural defenses - or to be felt until it's too late.

It's not uncommon to take a walk in the woods, then hours later find a herd of ticks feasting on our blood. By then, the damage has been done.

Lighter Clothing Over Dark, Keeping Hydrated to Lower Risks

- During summertime be sure to don white clothing to keep the heat at bay, and leave the perfume, cologne and after shave in the bathroom before heading out. If not you might have a Skeeterzilla stalking you.

- If you're away from home exercising, such as hiking or walking, be sure to take along a container of water.

If your pet if along for the jog, they will also require water. Pack it alongside of the tiny plastic bags you'll be taking to clean-up after poochie, if necessary.

Sun Damage, Dangers

- Don't forget to apply protection for your skin, no matter what the weather is outdoors. Sunscreen is necessary in all types of weather, sunny or cloudy.

The most vulnerable times of the day that put the body at risk for sun damage ranges from about one in the afternoon until about six in the evening. Depending upon where you reside, these hours may vary.

The Pathway to Weight Loss

The most popular method for losing that unwanted weight is walking, so we wanted to include a few 'footnotes' related to such along with items related to fashion while getting in a fitter state.

- Shoes that fit are essential. Who enjoys a good blister? An aching corn? Or stinky feet? Shoes that fit correctly should be comfortable to wear and play in.

Because not all feet are created equal you may require a special-fitting shoe. If you have high arches, flat feet or even a hammer-toe, talk with your podiatrist for their footwear recommendations.

- A headband around the forehead can quell sweat from running into the eyes and face. Or take along a clean cloth and some tissues for the nose as well.

- Dress in layers so you can remove clothing if needed.

- For cold whether, hand and foot warmers can make your exercise routine more pleasant. When you feel good, you're more apt to exercise longer.


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