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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Beverage Calories Can Add Up Quickly on Restricted Plans

Hidden Calories in Drinks

Sugary beverages add up to hidden calories which add up to either:

- zero weight loss

- big weight gain

- no weight loss; no weight gain

Creamy beverages, such as malts, milkshakes and floats also do a lot of damage to the bathroom scales and the situation can end up to be a genuine tear jerker with lotion infused tissues involved.

Consumption Time of Beverages

Ask yourself the following question, 'How long does it take me to drink a sugary soda?' or for that matter, 'How many minutes does it take to eat a donut, cupcake or pastry?'

Most of us can do away with any of these foods and drink in less than five minutes. Yes indeed, the human body is capable of consuming quite a number of caloric values within a very short space of time, yet it is incapable of burning off the same number of kcals in the equal amount of time.

For example, Fred was working outdoors mowing his overgrown lawn. It was a very sizzling hot day. He is in need of some quick energy and one can find such in any food or drink which is high in sugar content.

Because Fred is working so hard, should he opt for a low calorie drink containing sugar substitute? Actually, no. When one's body is in serious need of refueling, calories count. But should he grab a pastry or giantsized candy bar to go with his regular soda?

Let's see how that might play out.... Let's say that he does just that; he enjoys one soda for 150 calories along with a candy bar - and let's make it a single size 200 kcals bar rather than the king.

His total energy intake equals 350 kcals. It took him less than four minutes to enjoy the energy refueling foods; it will take him about one hour to burn off the food and drink.

Caloric Values in Alcohol Based Beverages are Extreme

Alcohol and other vibrant spirits also do their part in ringing up the Diet Cash Cow. Furthermore, alcohol consumption can lead to serious health risks. Just one drink per day for a woman puts her at high risk for liver disease.

And if alcoholism runs in the family, it's like playing with a rattlesnake. It runs in my family history and I've lost beloved family members due to this disease. If it runs in yours - avoid it like the plague.

You certainly don't need to drink to be included in 'the in crowd'.

Healthier Beverage Suggestions

Fact is, many times, all an individual needs to do is alter their beverage habits for weight loss to ensue. It's something that you may wish to try, although don't make the blunder of adding more 'food calories' to your diet because you've ditched beverage calories.

You can't fool your scales. I know; I've tried. Twice. I know...

While dieting, here are a few beverage suggestions to implement into your diet program or weight loss plan:

- diet soda
- water plus any citrus wedge
- tea with Splenda
- coffee with Splenda and light creamer
- skim or low fat milk
- Crystal Light
- LIGHT cranberry juices (30 calories per cup) as well as tomato juice - though it does tend to be salty according to variety.

Your best choice for diet and zero calorie beverage? Water.

Making Weight Loss Easy to Achieve

The terrible truth is that dieting is actually an extremely complicated matter. If everyone had been created equally, weight loss would be a piece of rice cake.

But we are all different and each of us come with our personal set of body frames, muscle mass, genetic data - which in fact is perhaps the greatest influencing factor of body weight, climate - which also impacts the numbers on our weight scales, medical issues, ethnic backgrounds, different internal processing speeds and so forth.

What works for one in achieving weight loss may not work for another dieter.

And most of the time, finding out what works to accomplish weight loss, takes time, effort and money - particularly when the Weight Gain Trigger ends up being a hidden medical condition such as allergies, stress overload, diabetes and thyroid imbalances.

Therefore, a universal weight loss plan containing x-amount of food and x-amount of exercise cannot be set in stone.

What we do have as a pattern to accomplish weight loss are 'averages' that have been studied over time.

These findings produced standard weight charts, the amount of calories that the average person expends, the nutritional daily foods that we need to maintain a healthy body and so forth.


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