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Review of The Bite Diet

Written by Diet Bites


What is the Bite Diet by Diet Directives about?

Basically, it's a 21 day weight loss program that 'retrains' the dieter's tummy in regards to food portion control. The Bite Diet doesn't count calories, carbs, fat grams or sugar grams - just the bites that the dieter eats each day.

The Bite Diet has some very good points that may assist you in the Battle of the Bulge. Here's our nice and naughty list for the Bite Diet....

Bite Diet Positives

1. It's based on the theory that the individual must retrain the stomach in regards to portion control.

This is quite true.

2. The diet points out that an individual can lose weight on most any diet, but will regain almost all the weight within a year - something that most dieters are familiar with.

Again, quite true. The rate of success for permanent fat loss is about 3% - quite paltry. Simply put, almost everyone who goes on a fat reduction plan will regain the lost pounds. And the majority of time, they will also make up for lost time, regaining more weight than they lost.

3. The Bite Diet emphasizes that overweight individuals don't chew their food enough.

While possibly true for some individuals, the same opinion can apply to individuals who haven't any issues with their body weight.

4. Sporadic eating bombs out metabolism.

Sure does - but so does starving.

What Does the Bite Diet Cost?

$29.00 for lifetime membership; that's pretty cheap and averages about a buck a day for the diet, even if you don't continue with the program.

The Bite Diet Health Risks, Dangers & Other Negatives

Number of Bites Over the Human Body's Nutritional Needs


1. The Bite Diet places the concentration for weight loss on the number of bites a person eats each day.

In reality, what might be fine for a dieter trying to lose ten pounds might prove unsafe for a dieter trying to lose 210 pounds.

Size Truly Matters

In addition, who - and let's include all geniuses here, can possibly define a 'bite'?? No precise measurement exists.

And a bite for a 6'6" man with a large body frame size is going to be significantly different than a bite for a 4'11" woman with a small body frame size. Fact is, the 'size of the pie-hole' is vastly different. Give that manly-man the same bite that the teeny-tiny woman is eating and he'll probably feel like he just tasted a lick rather than a bite.

In addition, what about spoon size?

The Bite Diet is an Uneducated Plan - Too Few Calories Equals Starvation

1. The sample diet plan contains far too few calories to meet even a skinny person's nutritional needs. The sample plan appears to contain under 1,000 calories.

This is just one example of why this plan is based on uneducated nonsense. Another fad diet - and people who need to lose are drawn to these 'miracle-like' methods of losing. Perhaps because they are challenging, or they are popular - or they consider them true miracles for ridding fat. Unfortunately, they rarely work - and we're tempted to go out on a limb and state that they never work. We've never known anyone who used one, who lost the excess fat - and who kept it off permanently.

As to the uneducated directives - the reason we state such is due to several reasons:

A. When required energy values aren't met the body's metabolic rate slows in order to conserve precious energy. It's smart - but not smart enough to know that the individual is purposely reducing energy intake in order to shed pounds.

B. When nutritional elements [vital vitamins and minerals] are absent from the eating plan, processing within the body is compromised. When some elements are missing - it cannot process weight loss.

C. This limited amount of energy input into the body can create significant health risks, particularly for those individuals who have a hidden health conditions, who have diabetes or heart disease - or kidney issues.

Omits or Limits the 5 Basic Food Groups

2. Sample diet plan contains too few dairy products, too few fruit products and too few vegetables.

Any plan that limits OR omits Food Groups [grain, fruit, vegetable, protein, dairy - with minimal fat and adequate water intake] is considered a fad plan which places the body in jeopardy for ill health. All fad plans serve to reduce immunity rather than produce a boosting impact. When the body is deprived of nutrients, the result is poor health - and at times, death.

The Bite Diet - 21 Days of Poor Eating

3. The plan takes 21 days.

Perhaps they should have named this The Survivor Diet. 21 days on a diet with too little calories is setting the body up for some serious, potentially life threatening health problems.

In Conclusion

Although the Bite Diet is backed by individuals who list impressive backgrounds, as well as success stories, you should ask your doctor or nutritionist about the plan before pursuing. There is no way of verifying the success stories, which are often portrayed in the media by actors.

You can use the good points of this plan to help you lose weight. For example, learning portion control is just one aspect of achieving a healthy weight and a healthy body.

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