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Dangers of Exercise

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Accidents Occur While Exercising

One would think that after all this time, there would be no such thing as an accident involving someone exercising because they blended-in with the scenery, but it happens each and every day.

Therefore, it's important to pause and hold this information close to our thoughts whenever we go outdoors to interact with nature - whether we are walking, playing sports or jumping rope - particularly when the sun scoots from the sky and our surroundings go dark.

Tips for Staying Safe While Exercising

Hiking Tips While Exercising

- Hikers should avoid wearing green so as they do not blend in with the scenery and become mistaken for a 'wandering dear'.

Light or Dark Clothing Based on Climate, Available Sunlight & Moonlight

- As to late evening activity - avoid wearing dark clothing and wear a stick-on reflector if necessary. And if the kids are playing outdoors after dark - it's time to join them for a bit of supervision, or call them inside.

Be Mindful of Pedestrians

- These days it's not unusual to drive down a busy street or a country lane and see a handicapped person driving a cart in one lane dedicated to cars. Likewise, runners and bicyclers do the same.

It's unsafe and playing with fire much like a gnat and an elephant.

UV Ray Protection

- Protect your skin with sun-block during all seasons of the year against harmful UV rays of the sun which can damage and contribute to skin cancer.

Preventing Falls While Exercising

- If you have long hair, tie it back securely so that it doesn't fall in front of your eyes and block your vision. One fall is all it takes to break an arm, hip or leg - or something vital.

Overextending Activity Negates Healthy Benefits

- Don't overdo in extreme hot or cold weather. Sweating like a lost goose or drawing a cave of ice-cold air into your lungs will cancel all healthy benefits that would have been received by exercising.

Contact Information Should an Accident Occur

- When exercising away from home be sure to put a slip of paper in your pocket with your name, address and a contact with the necessary information - just in case something happens. After all, no one ever plans to have an accident.

It's Not Only About Exercise

Keep in mind that achieving one's ideal weight involves several factors and contributing elements, not solely activity.

In fact, the body's activity level has less of an impact on the bathroom scales than the food and drink which is consumed throughout one's day. While expended energy is very important, the energy that is put into the body is even more vital to one's good health.

When moderation is used as well as a daily diet based on the healthy American Food Pyramid and a healthy dose of daily activity, this is a winning combination. Even so, it does not guarantee the healthiest of bodies as the gene pool is the ruling factor.

We need to look no further than recent history to see this being played out repetitively.

Some of the most long-lived citizens of our community who were morbidly obese for the majority of their life have lived well into their 90's while prominent athletes succumbed to death at an early age due to a heredity-related disease.

This isn't to say that we should all live life to the fullest via food and drink because what we put into our body certainly matters.

For example, Penny and Polly are twins who have a family history of diabetes.

These two individuals could not be more alike in their body's composite. Penny went on to gain quite a lot of weight while Polly watched her energy intake very closely. Penny went on to develop full-blown diabetes, as did Polly. However,Polly's was much more manageable because she had kept her weight in check.

Of course, this is simply an example of how pounds impact health. Another end-result would be Polly avoiding diabetes because of her attention to health matters.

With this said, overall state of health can be improved with exercise - but a healthy diet is essential. Even strong hearts are impacted by cholesterol build-up over time in the arteries.


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