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5 Day Miracle Diet Plan Review

Written by Diet Bites


Promises of miracles - oh yes, when you venture out in the Diet Waters to wade in the 5 Day Miracle Diet Plan.

We may need a priest and a flower girl - depending on the outcome of the diet.

The Menus, if one could call them that....

Here's what the dieter gets (or doesn't get) on the 5 Day Miracle Diet Plan:

Breakfast Menu:

Something starchy - anything will do, even the freshly ironed stiff white shirt you'd planned on wearing to work this morning.

Mid Morning Snack:

Grab something that you can sink your teeth into. No - not a steak, although after that starchy breakfast, you'll certainly be craving one. Something challenging to chew - like a stick of celery. What an exciting diet!

Lunch Menu:

The dieter's gotta eat before 1:00 pm because that's when the Diet Fairy appears, and if the dieter isn't abiding by the 5 Day Miracle Diet rules, the Diet Fairy turns their butt into a big fat pumpkin.

Remember that starchy breakfast? Well, you can't have any carbs now - only protein and veggies.

Dinner Plate:

Now the dieter has to eat before 8:00 pm or again the mean old Diet Fairy will appear and do very bad things.

After 5 days on the Miracle Diet Plan, the dieter is suppose to lose craving foods and pounds.

Fat chance. Literally.


Why This Diet Doesn't Work

We feel that this diet is illogically engineered for failure and offers zero long-term success. It's also a very risky diet plan for individuals with certain health ills, such as diabetics. We'll go as far to say that it's also risky for healthy individuals to undertake - and may even require an undertaker in unfortunate situations.

Compared to the Food Pyramid, this plan is a square wheel supported by rusty axles. One has to ask, who comes up with this nonsense?

Frankly, these types of measures which are aimed at fat tend to target individuals who are desperate to lose - and to do such in the fastest manner possible. In turn, doing such can be devastating to one's state of health. What can happen when one chooses to go on a plan like this five day disaster?

Health Risks Associated With Fad Dieting

The Heart: Fainting and lightness in the head are commonly associated with poor dietary practices, but lightheadedness isn't the body's only response. Heart failure is a dire risk.

Hair: Falls out like fleas on a dog hit with preventative spray. If you like the Uncle Fester look, you'll be quite pleased indeed.

Bones, Teeth, Gums: Fad dieting can produce bleeding gums and a sore mouth. Think about this; teeth are bones - and when one's daily intake of energy goes outside the guidelines of the Food Pyramid, bone health can be severely impacted. It's a great way to get brittle bones, ones that will easily break and snap as the body's skeletal frame gives way in its weakened condition.

Skin: It's the body's largest organ and poor dietary measures can take their toll - from dehydrated old-looking skin to discoloring due to blood flow beneath the surface.

The Digestive System, Vital Organs: All will be impacted in a negative way where fad diets are involved. Side effects may include breathing difficulties, weakness, fatigue, lethargy, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, urination issues, bloating, gas issues, irregular heart beat, blood pressure issues.

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