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Pregnancy Diet Do's & Don'ts

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Why it's best to wait until after having baby to lose unwanted fat.

Restrictive Dieting & Pregnancy Risks

While having a little one can bring about so much joy, there will be challenges to deal with for at least a year going forward.

One of the most difficult challenges for women is the increase in body size. If it were only the abdominal area - but it's not. The breasts increase in size and in some individuals, slight swelling may occur. If it is substantial, however - then the doctor should be informed.

Because of the continually expanding body, a woman may relax her daily diet and 'eat for two'. It's just too easy to let down one's guard amid this time because the weight gain accumulates at a slow pace until the third trimester - and then it seems to explode.

The shorter the woman, the larger she will appear. There is just very little room for expansion at this point of the pregnancy.

What About Getting Off the Fat? Why Excess Weight is Gained Amid Pregnancy.

To every season there is a time and a purpose under Heaven, and such is the case with losing fat that was accumulated on the body during the nine month journey.

Almost every lady gains more than she should have amid this time; here are a few common reasons as to why this occurs:

1. Part is due to the inability to see one's regular shape in the mirror. It makes it very difficult to judge where one's true weight is as the growing fetus is part of the overall number on the scales.

2. Others may feel like they are fat anyway, so why not eat?

3. The individual may feel nervous and apprehensive while carrying a child. They may seek comfort and assurance by eating.

4. When we feel tired, sluggish or not quite 100% we often look for foods and drinks which will lift our spirits or make us feel better. But too many calories equals an increase in body size.

5. Some women decide to be free amid this time in their lives - to enjoy the foods and drinks that they like and to worry about losing gained pounds after the baby arrives.

Putting Things in Prospective

When a baby enters a woman's body, life isn't 'all about the woman' anymore. Pregnancy places a huge responsibility on the mother, as the health of her unborn baby is in great part, in her control.

Smoking & Drinking, Ill Effects on Developing Fetus

Smoking, drinking and daily diet all play integral roles in the present and future life of the unborn baby. We've all heard or read about the impact that alcohol has on the unborn child.

About Pregnancy & Body Weight

If you are struggling with the numbers on the bathroom or doctor's scales, here are some pointers that may assist:

1. Even though you may feel overwhelmed by weighty issues, dieting should be delayed until after the birth of the baby AND after the baby is weaned, should breastfeeding be the chosen feeding option.

Simply put, there are just too many things to be juggled at this time. Adding another layer of stress to the equation isn't the best road to travel.

Healthy Diet Vital to Mother & Baby

2. A poor diet could evoke the following complications both before and/or after the baby's arrival:

- health problems for both mother and child
- a low birth weight
- a more difficult delivery

Healthy Foods Can Help to Prevent Unwanted Weight Gain During Pregnancy [related to fat, not baby]

3. The best manner in which to approach popping back down to size is to embrace the foods within the official Food Pyramid and to enjoy them, as well as beverages, as close to their natural state as possible.

When dining, don't reach for seconds.

Watch your snacking times as well and choose more wisely; rather than a handful of chips or a bowl of fatty ice cream, try reaching for a natural fruit selection instead.

All of the most basic simplechoices that veer in a healthier direction add up to impressive results where your body weight is concerned.

Restrictive Dieting & Breastfeeding Risks

Once the baby is born, if breastfeeding is the chosen option, the infant will pull the necessary nutrients it needs from the mother whether she includes them in the foods and beverages she consumes throughout the day, or not.

In turn, when the mother doesn't embrace a healthy daily diet - whether in an attempt to lose unwanted pounds or due to other situations, such as financially related, her health may be greatly impacted in a negative manner.

At this point, the focus of 'ill health risks' shifts greatly from the infant to the mother. Therefore, attempting a restricted-diet during the breastfeeding phase may present health-related issues for both infant and mom.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should always seek the advice of their doctor before attempting any eating plan that is restrictive in caloric content as well as Food Group servings required for optimum health.

Keep in mind that pregnancy and breastfeeding are very temporary states, and once these stages move forward, the new mother generally finds that a healthy diet allows her to swiftly regain her figure.


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