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Dealing With Overweight
How to Accept Yourself
No Matter What Size You Are

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

About Before & After Weight Loss Photos

A lot of people love to show off their before-diet and after-diet photos. Rightfully so, they are very proud of their weight loss accomplishment.

But before that unwanted weight comes off, having one's photo taken is not a pleasant experience.

I remember running from a camera more than once before I lost my unwanted weight - in some instances, going as far as to threaten to strangle the photographer if they tried to take a photo of my ample hide.

Even after your lose all those unhealthy pounds, you may have family members, friends or work associates who will dig up an old fat image that was taken amid your pre-diet phase.

I've had it happen more than once myself and it's very difficult to just grin and bear it. And it's not so much the image itself, rather the ignorance exhibited by those who appear to reap a troubling sense of joy over the discomfort of others.

With this said, if you're on a diet and can't wait to either show off your weight loss through photos OR to start welcoming rather than shunning the camera, please keep in mind that once you drop those pesky pounds, you'll still be the same old you on the inside.

Beauty truly is skin deep....

Tips on Dealing With Overweight & Appearance

Think of the extra weight as a cocoon - and you, the beautiful butterfly preparing to emerge. And with a savvy weight loss plan and perseverance  - you can do just that!

Weight Doesn't Define You, It's Simply a Number

Weight is simply a number on the scales and shouldn't define the person that you are or what you represent in this life. While some people judge other people according to their looks, it's what counts on the inside that really matters.

When People Leap to Judgment Based on Someone's Weight

Individuals who have pounds to lose are often misjudged based on how they look.

This situation is much like a person who looks a certain way and then opens their mouth and sings like nobody's business. It's an unexpected event and a true moment of celebration.

Other People's Opinions Shouldn't Impact Your Life in a Negative Manner

While an individual who is overweight may be perceived as a certain way by others, it's only opinions - and you know what they say about those; everyone has one and opinions are never fact. Never judge a book by its cover.

You Can Lose Weight; People Who Judge Unfairly Will Always Be....well, you Know....

Always remember that you can always lose weight. Don't ever lose your self-worth no matter what you weigh.

Getting Motivated to Lose Pounds for Loved Ones

Think about the people that you love and the people that love you just as you are; other people's opinions of your appearance and weight shouldn't matter.

How to Look Slimmer Without Dieting

For a slimmer appearance opt for darker clothing, skip the white stockings. Avoid fabrics with circles and patterns that travel around the body as this presents the false illusion of a heavier body.

Smiles Are Priceless - Being Proud of Who You Are, No Matter What Size!

Put on a smile and be proud of who you are, no matter what your size.

Stress & the Weight Gain Connection

Stress is one of the major contributors to weight gain.

Hot pockets of stress that contribute to weight gain include:

Mother-in-Laws and other pesky family members
The Workplace
Home Sweet Home
The Kids
The Critters

Simply put, stress is like Santa Clause at Christmastime:


This means that sooner or later you are going to come into contact with a stressful situation. Therefore, since it is impossible to avoid stress, it is possible to learn how to cope with stressful situations, thereby avoiding uncomfortable, unsightly and unwanted weight gain.

Should you ignore the stressful situation? No, that's not healthy either.

Everyone needs a little stress. A little stress can be beneficial to your overall health because it allows you explode every now and then, thus releasing pent up tension.

Here are some suggestions that might help you in dealing with a stressful situation which can contribute to weight gain:

Get your mind on a hobby - something that you can absorb your thoughts in. Read an interesting book. Take a walk or a hike. Squeeze your hiney together and count to ten. Repeat 5 times.

Whatever you choose to do to deal with stress, do NOT include your stomach's thoughts in the matter. Many times, a person will overeat in an attempt to get in touch with something enjoyable, something comforting that will alleviate the stressful situation. So don't do that!


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