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Positive Thoughts
For Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Using Positive Thoughts for Weight Loss

Our minds are very powerful. At times, we can even convince ourselves that we're having fun when we aren't.

Using our positive thought process can come in handy while dieting. Although most of us aren't going to trick ourselves into liking every aspect of dieting, we can think of weight loss in a positive light.

Thinking about how great we are going to feel and look once those pounds start coming off makes that rice cake look almost as tasty as a chocolate covered cherry. Well, perhaps we shouldn't go that far....

Tips for Keeping Positive Thoughts

Breathing Easier When Thinner

- Think about how much easier it will be to breathe with those extra pounds lost. With less pressure in the chest the dieter actually feels like a load's been lifted.

Revealing Body Contours Such as Knees & Neck

- If the dieter has a substantial amount of weight to lose - such as over 50 pounds, as the weight comes off and they near their recommended weight they will discover things that had been hidden under all those extra pounds - knees, the neck and collar bone.

If the dieter has a smaller amount of weight, these areas will before more defined.

Improved Appearance Through Weight Loss

- Appearance will improve with weight loss. Losing those extra pounds might mean getting that job you want rather than being passed over for a skinny person.

Naturally Eating Less Relieves Pressure on the Digestive System

- When we are at our recommended weight rather than overweight we naturally eat less. When just the right amount of food and liquids go into the body, it process them smoothly.

When an overage of foods occurs, the body struggles amid the processing stage.

The body experiences more gas issues, bloating, belching - and we tend to run to the toilet more.

What goes in must come out, eventually. So cutting back on food intake equals a more refined,calm digestive system. You sure won't miss all that bloating, belching and uncomfortable feeling in your tummy once the weight is lost.

Less Fat Baggage to Carry Around, Improved Body Skeletal System Health Benefits

- With less weight to carry around the body frame won't break down as it would have with all the overage. The body frame was designed particularly for your body and for x-amount of weight.

When we overload the body with additional pounds, it can't withstand the pressure. Knee joints get out of whack.

The back starts to break down. Our feet ache. We feel sluggish and tired. All we want to do is sit around and eat which causes additional pounds to stack onto the body.

Decreased Sweating Via Fat Loss

- Sweating: when you are at your recommended weight you'll sweat much less. During the winter when thinner people are snuggling in sweater and you're as hot as a egg on concrete in summer, without all those added pounds you'll be running for your sweater and a cup of hot chocolate to go with it. You can get warm but it's really difficult to get cool once you reach the sweltering stage.

In Summary

With all the wonderful healthy advantages that weight loss brings, it's something very exciting to look forward to - so many positive things.

Sure, weight loss takes time, effort and willpower - but Time passes no matter what we do.

By putting off weight loss until the morrow, we lose precious time. If that diet that we put off four months ago in an effort to lose 50 pounds had been embraced at that time - then we would have reached our weight loss goal at this stage.

The old saying comes to mind, "never put off tomorrow what one can do today'. So true!


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