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Calories in Fast Food Fries

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How Many Calories Does Your Favorite Fast Food French Fry Contain?

Unfortunately, not all French fry calories are created equally, which we can readily see by viewing our caloric data chart posted below.

BK Fry Calories

- The small Burger King pack contains about 245 calories.

Wendy's, More Food or Just More Kcals?

- Wendy's small package contains over 100 more calories than Burger King's. This may be their secret recipe, or the package sizes may be larger.

McDonald's, Fresh & Lowest in French Fry Calories in Comparison to Other Fast Food Restaurants

- McDonald's has awesome fries when they're fresh out of the grease pit and the small pack contains 224 calories - the lowest on our list for small packs.

Jack in the Box, Natural Cut & Seasoned Curly Fries

- Jack in the Box comes in at 270 calories for their small package, and that's based on the Natural Cut variety. Their Seasoned Curly Fries contain the same number of calories for the small selection.

Fast Food Restaurant Fries

Serving Size


Total Fat Grams

Carb Grams*

Burger King


245 13 30


387 20 47


530 28 64


224 11 28


370 19 46


487 25 60
Popeye's Battered

1 Package 

305 16 35

10 Pieces

79 4 9


226 12 28


360 18 45


453 23 56


587 30 73

1 Serving

540 25 71
Cracker Barrel, Steak Variety

1 Serving

427 20 55

1 Serving

477 25 58
T.G.I. Friday's

1 Serving

677 34 84
Chili's Homestyle

1 Basket

520 31 53
Jack in the Box, Natural Cut


270 12 35


360 17 47


530 25 69
Jack in the Box, Seasoned Curly


270 15 30


400 23 45


550 31 60

*The nutrition data for Carbohydrates is based on total grams.

Tips for Reducing French Fry Calories & Fats

Baking Saves Calories, Unhealthy Lipids

1. If you must have these when dieting, peel a small potato.

Rinse and slice into thin strips. Drizzle them with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil [we recommend the cold press] and bake until crisp.

The olive oil will add about 120 calories per Tablespoon so keep amount to a minimum.

Go Small to Save Calories & Fat Grams

2. For fast food varieties, always opt for the small size even when you're not on a restricted calorie diet. The kid's size makes a wise choice.

These babies are mined with fatty acids which over time can build up in your arteries and cause serious damage to the old (and sometimes the young) ticker. And who wants a sick old ticker?


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