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Tips to Reduce Sugar Intake

Written by Diet Bites


Sweet Tips for Dieters to Reduce Calories

Those old Diet Seas can get pretty rough on a fellow. A tiny ripple can turn into a typhoon in nothing flat.

Careful Monitoring of Sugar Intake, First Step to a Healthier Diet

Keep a watchful eye - particularly when strolling in the Sea of Sugar, and the Sea of Oil.

Sugar Alternatives

Trim back calories in sugar by opting to use sugar alternatives - and they don't always need to be sugar substitutes.

What about honey? Sure, it contains more calories per teaspoon than sugar but it only takes a tiny amount to add sweetness to foods and drinks. Just a little goes a very long way.

Another bonus is that honey made in your area may assist in fighting and lessening allergy symptoms.

In your next cup of tea try a little honey rather than granulated sugar.

Brown Sugar, Minimal Amount Needed to Produce Substantial Sweetness

Brown sugar is another option for sweetening powers and like honey, it may take less to satisfy the largest of Sweet Tooth's.

Using Natural Foods Like Fruits in Place of Granulated Sugars

When baking a cake for a special occasion, substitute part of the sugar, as well as the oil for pureed fruit. For recipes, opt for fully-ripened fruit. Simply mash and substitute for 1/2 the sugar.

You can also reduce the amount of recommended oil in the recipe about 1/3 as the fruit adds luscious moistness. The cake will be more moist than ever, while satisfying that pesky Sweet Tooth.


Yogurt Adds Sweetness & Moistness to Recipes, Saving Calories

Substitute low fat yogurt for sugar which also adds a rich moistness to the cake and yogurt works well in other baked goods, too.

Coffee Creamer Tips

If you're a coffee lover take care in using the flavored creamers whether in powdered form or refrigerated.

These are loaded with calories - often 35 to 60 per tiny serving.

If you're pouring from the container be sure to use a measuring spoon.

It's very easy to pour a half-dozen servings into the cup rather than one.

And whether dieting or not, no one needs a 400 calorie cup of coffee in their diet. I cringe when I view many of the liquid coffee creamer commercials. They just keep pouring, and pouring, and pouring.

Take note that because coffee creamers are sweet you don't need to use additional sugar. If using a liquid creamer that contains 35 calories you can use this to your advantage as it serves for the cream and most of the sugar. If you like your coffee black - even better for your waistline!

Reduce Amount of Recommended Sugar in Recipes

Most of the time recipes can be altered to contain 1/2 the required fat and 1/3 less sugar without suffering in flavor or body. And the health benefits are great, not to mention the bonus in caloric reduction.

Here's to smooth Diet Sailing, a healthier and a more satisfied sweet tooth.

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