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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to Keep Control of Your Fat Loss Plan, King of the Diet Road

Losing Weight Requires Being in Control of Your Diet Plan

Kit was inside his Diet Car - whizzing by the crème-filled cupcakes, running smack-dab over ooey-gooey sticky buns and weaving in and out of jams like nobody's business.

Then suddenly, the car stopped as Kit paused to munch on a tempting wedge of chocolate cake. With sprinkles even.

How the heck did this happen?

Well, unfortunately, Kit wasn't driving the car....

Needless to say, when dieting, it's important to be in the driver's seat and remain King of the Trail until the fitness goals have been achieved. In fact, the drive never stops and the individual needs to remain in charge - in control going forward in order for the results to remain permanent.

Tips to Assist When Things Go Awry

While some individuals can begin a diet and lose without interference, a good many are impacted by family members and business associates.

It's very difficult to go on a fat loss plan when the wife prepares her homemade lasagna with extra mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Full-blown at that.

Here you are - your puny meal plate in front of you holding a green olive and a slice of cucumber while the family feasts.

Or what about the wife who is trying to drop pounds but her husband insists on visiting his favorite Mexican restaurant.

While he's enjoying the whole enchilada, the wife tries to busy herself with a slice of lime - the only item on the menu that won't blow her plan.

Bottom line: when dieting it's vital that you keep control of the foods and beverages that you input therein.

How to Take Control of Your Weight

It may mean foregoing the Mexican restaurant and preparing low calorie versions of tacos and burritos at home which will not only mean a healthier meal plate for you - but also for your beloved enchilada-eating partner.

It might mean asking your partner to use low fat cheeses in her rich lasagna recipe or requesting that she purchase a low caloric frozen version that you can enjoy at the table without guilt.

Once the dieter is shoved from behind the wheel of his or her plan, the car runs amuck and is apt to crash into a tree or perhaps more accurately, the vehicle is at high risk of flying into Binge Mode.

Only the dieter knows the direction to steer his plan into. Only they know the safe speed at which to drive their plan. And only they know when to hit the brakes and re-group.

Shake Your Booty - Firming Tips

Tips for Losing Body Fat

Shaking your booty on the dance floor is one of the best ways to trim down the fun way!  

Here's are some more:

Squats, Lounges, Hiking, Running, Leg Lifts, Kickboxing, Walking

All of these activities word to exercise the buttocks and most can be fun rather than considered as rotten old exercise.  

Walking Your Way to a Higher Level of Fitness

Let's take walking as an example. Rather than clipping along on a treadmill, think about taking a hike outdoors when weather permits.

Odds are, you'll become so engrossed in the nature around you that you'll forget that you're exercising.  

There's a local park that Tom and I like to walk through and I don't think there has been a time when we didn't see ducks, a loose goose or two, several squirrels or other water fowl enjoying the pond at the park.

If you can manage to get away from the city - then all the better! With all the particulate matter in the air, breathing comes a bit more labored when exercising in the city than when exercising in the country.

In Conclusion

Whenever you invite activity into your life, there are certain logical guidelines to follow. For example, if Jan is wanting to lose the fat and it's the middle of summer in a hot, humid area with temperatures soaring over 110 degrees - even in the late evening hours, then she needs to take her activity indoors.

Working it out in the Great Outdoors amid these conditions is just inviting health issues into your life and will end up doing more negativethings for the body than good - not to mention all those cool wrinkles, compliments of Mister Sun.

This is why it's always a great idea to have a back-up plan in place, whether it involves your eating plan or your activity plan.


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