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Yo-Yo Dieting Effects

Written by Diet Bites


This Method to Lose Fat Can Contribute to Weight Gain Rather Than Weight Loss; Here's Why....

Let's talk about Yo-Yo Dieting. We're on a diet - then we're off and then we're back on it again - and then off again just like a light switch.

We lose weight, we gain it back, then we lose it again and it starts all over again.

The trouble is that when we regain those lost pounds, we gain additional ones. Those love handles seem destined to return over and over again.

If you're having difficulty sticking to a plan and find that you're stranded, pause to take stock of the diets that you've tried.

Questions to Ask Regarding Former Diets

- Why did I drop this diet?

- What didn't I like about it?

Go a step further and take what you've learned, and attempt another plan to pull off fat - but this time, no more visits to the Diet Yo-Yo Village, okay?

Yo-Yo Pitfalls, Negatives

Plans that go south are generally boring and the individual loses interest in meeting their fitness goals. It's like this:

"The beautiful bird was as curious of me as I was of him. Unfortunately, his curiosity quickly wore off and he sprinted into the sky - off to find more adventure."

At times we come to a place in the Old Diet Trail and discover something blocking our path. Sometimes the culprit is a chocolate cupcake containing a creamy filling; other times it might be several slices of extra cheese pizza. Yes, the full-blown variety.

Other times it might be an entire cheesecake - one with strawberries covered in chocolate, even.

Favorite Foods Difficult to Resist While Attempting to Lose Pounds


This situation will ring a bell with many dieters. Once an individual decides to take the plunge to drop those extra pounds, they are off running - with their necks extended, galloping at a full trot like a rabid ostrich.

Suddenly, a favorite food from a former life makes an untimely appearance - just as the dieter is preparing to consume a bland lunch of canned tuna packed in spring water, 5 soggy saltines and a sour grapefruit....and unfortunately, the Cupcake Temptation is just enough to make many individuals decide that they've had enough.

"Give me the cupcake, already! But please, not  those unwanted pounds."

So many times, dieters simply toss their plan to the wind as they say, " This diet no longer interests me." In order to avoid falling again - and again into the same pit, reacting quickly to correct the flaws in the plan is vital to its success.

Yo-Yo Diet Dangers, Health Risks

The up-down see-saw effect of body weight takes a toll on the vital organs, the metabolic rate and emotions.

Because this mode usually involves fat plans, foods - or complete food groups may be exiled from the eating plan. Keep in mind that the body reacts like a chain reaction; when one element is missing - things don't get done as efficiently within the body. And where weight loss is involved, when certain vitamins and minerals are excluded from the eating plan, the process stalls.

Where to Start, How to Get Back Onto a Healthy Track for Permanent Success

When one is midway in the process, they can't very well start at the beginning, can they? And this is just one situation which discourages individuals into quitting. Because they didn't have a perfect journey - because they made a few mistakes, they are willing to erase everything good that came from their journey and return to their former foods and beverages which landed them into the need for losing in the first place.

Therefore, keep in mind that it's not always the  issue of knowing where to start; at times - such as midway through the plan to simply re-gather and rethink. Rather than quitting, find solutions that work for your success.

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