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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Losing Weight, A Chain Reaction

There's nothing like getting in the mood to lose weight than seeing someone who has accomplished such. And when possible, asking them for their weight loss tips and ideas can add more fuel to your desire to get healthier.

Years ago at a place where I worked, me and a few ladies that I worked with went walking every day. First, we'd go enjoy a healthy lunch, then we would spend the rest of our lunch hour walking.

Most days, we were so busy chattering like a hen-house full of hens that we didn't even realize that we'd walked so far. Now that's what I call exercise!

And as we walked, we shared so many ideas - from healthy recipes to cleaning tips.

With this said, a support team or group amid weight loss can be extremely beneficial in keeping the dieter motivated. In life, when we team-up, so much more can be accomplished.

A True Story Related to Health, Weight Loss

The photo below was taken at a spot that is home to these elephant-sized boulders - a beautiful gem that is aptly named, " Elephant Rock State Park".

Although the hike along the main trail is short, it is quite exhilarating.

As I meandered through these giant halls of rocks they reminded me of the boulders that one encounters on the path to Weight Loss Success.

Many times, obstacles that bock our path to losing those extra layers of fat are easy to bypass; there is ample passing room.

Then there are times when the boulders completely block the path and to get by, the dieter must either climb over the boulder, blow up the boulder or turn back.

More often than not, most turn back, finding their little chisels bent to heck and back again. This weight loss stuff is certainly not easy.

Image of Elephant Rock State Park.

Don't Be Intimidated by Things That Block Your Path to Success

Image of Elephant Rock State Park, Fat Man's Squeeze.These giant boulders - they can be intimidating. And they are never easy to uproot.

However, in the case of weight loss, with determination and motivation - you can indeed accomplish the job and move forward.

This isn't to say that there won't be more boulders blocking the path going forward. But it is to say that once you get past one boulder - you've got the stuff that it takes to conquer your weighty issues.

And with help from family and friends, the path to weight loss can be just a little bit easier to tread.

Fat Man's Squeeze

Within this State Park is an area of boulders known as "Fat Man's Squeeze'. The image is posted to the right of the screen.

There is a warning sign which greets the visitor before they enter which reads: "Entering Fat Man's Squeeze. This narrow pathway formed along a vertical joint fracture in the granite bedrock.

You are walking between what someday could be two separate elephant rocks."

This reminds me a lot of myself. About twenty years ago I lost over 100 pounds of body fat. I'm half the woman that I used to be.....


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