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Health Benefits of Exercise

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Excellent Stress Reducer

Have you ever felt like you're meeting yourself at the corner? Life is hectic these days.

Even though we've got so many new-fangled contraptions to help us get tasks done more quickly, it always seems like there is never enough hours in a day - particularly when it comes to exercise.

Many years ago, experts determined that unless exercise was performed in a single burst, individuals didn't receive the healthy benefits that exercise brought.

What's More Effective - Exercise In Spurts OR Long Stretches

These days, experts recommend that individuals exercise in spurts if necessary - and guess what? They'll still receive the handsome benefits that exercise brings. Life's a changing and it's good news for all.

But it's sort of sad in retrospect that this wasn't concluded earlier - considering that many cultures within our vast society have never set aside time specifically devoted to exercise.

They remain in a high energy state the majority of the day whether they are chasing after kids, performing construction work or building bridges.

It's time to start addressing the state of health on a more simplistic, logical plane. While iron-pumping might be a fabulous method for keeping fit for some individuals, it doesn't suit everyone.

While you won't have the impressive muscle mass of a weight builder, a simple brisk walk a few times per week can assist in keeping you in tip-top shape.

Let's take a look at those healthy benefits.

Just 30 minutes of activity for at least five days per week can do all sorts of wonderful things for your body:

The Caloric Burn, Exercise - an Effective Fat Burner

- Burns calories while strengthening muscles and improving bone health. The more muscle the body contains, the more calories it takes to support the muscle. Muscle requires more calories to support than body fat.

Balance, Notable Improvements With Exercise

- Improves balance, thus assist in preventing or lessening falls. This is particularly good news for seniors. With improved balance, there will be less risk for serious falls associated with balance.

Activity for Body Toning

- Tones the body during the weight loss process, filling in sagging skin with beautiful muscle tone.

Potentially Longer Life Span

- People who live longer tend to embrace activity. In addition, they feel better and have less health issues.

Although our genes rule in great part to the length of our lives, if we practice good health we can live out our intended life to the fullest.

Excellent Heart Preventative Method

- Exercise can assist in preventing heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. As a note, if you're exercising outdoors don't forget to apply sunscreen to block out harmful UV rays of the sun.

Tips for Finding Activities That You'll Keep Doing

Embrace activities that you enjoy. If you're a water bug, swimming might be right up your alley.

Other fun exercises include: shooting hoops, walking in the park, jumping rope, hula-hooping, roller skating, even shopping as walking counts as a great form of exercise.

How Much Exercise Do You Need for Good Health

Think about it...just 30 minutes five times a week. That's only two and a half hours per week - and 10 hours per month. Make your active time fun - and it just may last a lifetime. A lifetime that's a lot longer due to such.


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