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Weight Loss Patience

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Losing Excess Fat Requires Great Patience

Almost two decades ago when I experienced my great weight loss transformation, my diet really got a little nuts.

I was running, walking, skipping rope, shaking, rattling and rolling everywhere in hopes of dropping those unwanted pounds.

They just couldn't come off quick enough.

What I needed at the time was a wizard - like the one that lived in Oz. I needed someone to hand me a medal of patience.

So if you've got weight to lose - particularly a lot of weight like I did, please don't get discouraged. It takes time to drop those unwanted pounds. It will happen - as long as you don't give up.

The following tips can assist you in following through with your plan - until all of the excess body fat is gone.

When Patience Pays Off With Lost Pounds

Stay the course until all the weight is gone. If you give up you're apt to regain the lost weight in addition to more pounds and you sure don't want that.

It's difficult and challenging enough to get off those current layers of unwanted fat so this is one situation where remaining determined will set the bar for a thinner you.

Savvy Planning Works Favorably in Dropping Unwanted Pounds

Certain times of the day which will prove more challenging than others when it comes to temptation.

Bolster yourself by determining which part of the day is most tempting for you and prepare for those times by consuming foods that will contain a high level of satiety powers.

Examples include: oatmeal, a boiled egg, and beans such as red, pinto and kidney.

You can enjoy a boiled egg and a 1/2 cup serving of pinto beans for about 200 caloriesand be satisfied for hours to follow.

Have you got a doable plan in place or are you just winging it?

Make sure you have a doable diet plan. Don't even think about playing tootsies with fad diets. What's a fad plan?

Those that focus on miracle foods, super foods, weight loss supplements - and that contain odd diet menus or that dictate less than three healthy meals per day.

And if we're going to be brutally honest, they are more often than not a plan devised for someone to make money off of the desperate overweight individual than a true method for losing fat - as well as a safe one.

Types of Snacks Matter as Every Calorie Counts

Be sure to snack in the mid-afternoon and between dinner and bedtime. Choose a healthy snack like a piece of fruit or even 100 calories worth of dark chocolate.

Hot air popcorn or 100 calorie popcorn packages make excellent snacks. Try 100 calories of peanut butter crackers rather than salty chips as the protein power is higher and will satisfy longer.

The beautiful thing about peanut butter is that it sticks to your ribs and you won't be tempted by Mister Binge.

Bonding Patience With a Smart Eating Plan & Moderate Exercise

How to Tell the Difference Between Hunger & Appetite

This strategy for snacking will assist in combating appetite. On this note, the appetite is often coupled with the term 'hunger' but both have different definitions - different meanings.

True Appetite, Cravings

The individual generally has a desired to occupy the mouth and is not genuinely hungry.

True Hunger

This situation requires that energy be supplied to the body. Many dieters will forego meals in order to drop unwanted fat but true hunger should not be avoided; it should be fed the required energy.

When an individual has a desire for a particular food and only that food (or liquid beverage) will do, we are dealing with appetite. When any food will do, we are dealing with true hunger.

Types of Fat in the Diet Influence Distribution of Body Fat & Weight

When it comes to butter or margarine, just a tab will do. The stuff is 100% pure fat. One servings contains 50 to over 100 calories. Better yet, reach for the reduced-fat varieties and leave Ms. Butter at the market.

In addition, the types of lipids that we input into our eating plan are distributed differently on the body - when consumed in excess.

When we gain weight, those foods which are highest in Trans, saturated and cholesterol content tend to become stored in the upper and lower abdominal regions of the body.

Natural Vegetables in the Diet Plan, Super Foods

When dieting, reach for the orange, yellow, red, white, green and yes - even the taupe colored vegetables.

These super foods contain minimal calories, particularly the green-colored vegetables.

Spinach, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage - and the list goes on. Steam them, pan roast them, grill them - but avoid adding extra sources of fat to them such as margarine, melted cheese, fatty sauces, dips and full-blown dressings. And don't even think aboutgiving them a bath in the fryer OR dressing them in batters.

Moderate Exercise

Pair activity with your healthy diet and you'll be rewarded with quicker fat loss as well as a stronger body with stronger bones. Exercise your body,  as well as patience.

Staying Motivated & Allowing Your Body to Process Loss of Pounds Requires Patience

Anything that's worth anything takes time to accomplish, particularly in the area of weight loss results.

Keep in mind that you're not going to lose all of the extra weight overnight - and if you have a significant amount to lose, you're not going to accomplish such in a couple of weeks. It will require great patience - and time, perhaps months or even a year or more.

For example, when I lost over 100 pounds about two decades ago it took me about a year to accomplish my goal - and a whole lot of patience.

Were there times when I wanted to quit my diet? NO! This is the moment which defines success. Your response is the best indicator of gauging the success of your plan.

If your answer is 'yes I want to quit' then you are at great risk for falling into the Yo-Yo Dieting syndrome OR facing future weight gain.

If this sounds familiar, please meet with a professional to get help as the situation will only worsen over time.

You have the power to change your life - you just need the patience and willpower to pair with your fitness goals and aspirations.


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