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Arthritis Diet Food List

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How Foods Can Help Fight Symptoms & Pain Associated With Arthritis

A healthy daily diet can make anyone feel better, but certain foods may play a significant role in those who suffer from arthritis.

Bottom line: A low fat, low cholesterol diet may prove beneficial to easing the pain of arthritis.

Arthritis, Good Foods to Eat

Foods that may alleviate symptoms of arthritis include the following list.

Natural Fruits

- Foods rich in Vitamin C

In particular oranges, grapefruit, apples, lemons, limes, cherries & strawberries. Studies have indicated less pain associated with exercise when cherries were consumed beforehand.

One medium apple contains about 95 calories and 8.4 mg of Vitamin C.

One cup of cherries containing no pits contains 10.8 mg of Vitamin C and 97 calories.

One lime that is 2" in diameter contains 20 calories and 19.5 mg of Vitamin C.

One-half a pink or red grapefruit contains 38.4 mg of Vitamin C and 52 calories.

One large lemon contains 24 calories and 44.5 mg of Vitamin C.

One navel orange contains about 70 calories and 83 mg of Vitamin C.

And one cup of whole strawberries contains 46 calories and 84.7 mg of Vitamin C - more than one orange. 

Whole Grains, Carbohydrates Also Energize

Grab the gold when going for breads that are whole grain and topped with any of the following: poppy seeds, sesame seeds, oats, wheat germ and chopped nuts.

Brown Rice, Healthier Choice Over White & Good Protein Source

One cup of cooked brown rice contains 216 calories and only 1.75 grams of total fat. It's significant in dietary fiber content - 3.5 grams. Surprisingly, brown rice contains 5.03 protein grams making it a good source for protein.

Nuts & Nut Butters, Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids & Protein

Walnuts in particular are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. All varieties of walnuts are healthy options in fighting arthritic pain.

Fish Oil, Naturally Consumed - Not Supplement Based

Opt for fish that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids such as trout and salmon.

Fish containing rich amount of Omega 3 fatty acids have been proven to not only lessen pain associated with arthritis but also improve vision, regulate moods, improve skin health as well as add sheen and luster to hair.

Unfortunately, the claims relating to Omega 3 supplements, and fish oil supplement benefits have been proven to be unfounded. You'dbe better served by spending the money at the fish market.

Arthritis Diet Foods to Avoid List

Salt tops our list and we'll explain why below. These include fast food, fried foods, red meats (remove visible fat on all meats), as well as fatty desserts. All of these food choices contain considerable amounts of unhealthy fatty acids which can accumulate in the walls of the arteries and pose significant risks to the circulatory system.

In addition, what is different from our 'Foods to Eat' and 'Foods to Avoid' lists? The difference is that the vast majority of foods on the 'to eat' list are derived from natural food sources while the 'don't eat' list is comprised chiefly of highly processed foods.

Sodium, a Chief Instigator of Pain for the Arthritic Patient

Fatty desserts, fried foods and fast foods - all are high in lipid content. In addition, guess what else they are high in? Sodium. And what happens to the human body when too much sodium is input into the gut? Swelling, bloating - discomfort.

The first areas of the body to swell tend to be the hands, the face and feet. The knees and belly generally swell as well. Because arthritis generally resonates pain in the hands,knees and feet - these swollen central joints are compressed, thus creating more pain.

Combat the sodium effect by getting your salt naturally - such as in ocean fish. While the body requires about a teaspoon of salt each day, as we age we tend to need less.

Ask your doctor how much your body requires for optimum health and how reducing sodium in your daily diet can discourage the at-times, painful side effects which intensify arthritic pain when swelling due to salt consumption is involved.

If you have went overboard with your shaker, foods that can assist in relieving swelling and water retention include: melons of all variety, beets, asparagus, and celery.

Don't Self-Treat Pain Without Professional Advice

And of course, if you suffer from painful arthritis, your doctor is your best source of information.


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